Thursday, March 2, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (3/2/23)

Thursday! We're getting there!

One third of Ukrainian refugees in EU want to return home (Politico EU)

‘Faithful to my profession to the end’: Russian journalists endure under Putin’s onslaught (The Guardian)

Governments shut down the internet more often than ever, report says (WaPo)

Democratic state attorneys general sue Biden administration over abortion pill rules (NPR)

Bill could prevent NH undocumented children abused by parents from being deported (NHPR)

This is obviously good but when praising them let's keep in mind that they caused a lot of the problem in the first place: Eli Lilly Says It Will Cut the Price of Insulin (NYT)

Why most Americans can’t get mental health care as easily as Sen. John Fetterman (Grid)

Artificial Intelligence Identifies Long-Overlooked Raphael Masterpiece (Smithsonian)

Ancient statue of Hercules emerges from Rome sewer repairs (The Guardian)

8 Doorstopper Books by Authors of Color That Are Worth Your Time (Book Riot)

And some longer reads:

What has Putin’s war on Ukraine taught the world? Military might isn’t everything — the ‘will to fight’ matters too (Grid)

Climate ripples and the rise of the right (NPR)

‘Old-school union busting’: how US corporations are quashing the new wave of organizing (The Guardian)

Paleotsunami Detectives Hunt for Ancient Disasters (Hakai)

Need a Black Hawk on Set by Friday? Call This Couple (THR)

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