Sunday, March 26, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (3/26/23)

 Happy Sunday! In a few hours I'm starting the Knit for Food knitathon!

Ukrainian refugees increasingly targeted for sexual exploitation, research finds (The Guardian)

I cannot stress enough how bad these bills are! And this one is federal! House passes GOP education bill that aims to provide additional oversight for parents (CNN)

Meanwhile, some slight good news here: Parental bill of rights narrowly fails in NH House, but debate isn’t over yet (NH Bulletin)

But it's still really scary: How the debate over 'parental rights' in schools is playing out in New Hampshire (NHPR)

Angry Starbucks Union Workers Rallied Outside of Corporate HQ (Eater)

Has the Biden administration made gender-affirming surgery accessible for federal prisons? Officials won’t say. (The 19th*)

The U.S. Program That Brought H.I.V. Treatment to 20 Million People (NYT)

World in Photos: Venice’s dried-up canals (Grid)

Race, gender, romance — and guns: ‘The Survivalists’ explores creating control in life’s daily chaos (The 19th*)

Shipwreck Carrying Rare 19th-Century Ceramics Gets Government Protection (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Ron DeSantis doesn’t think supporting Ukraine is a core U.S. interest. Here’s what that means for Putin, Zelenskyy and the Republican Party. (Grid)

Practical Magic: COVID Is Here to Stay — So What Does It Mean to Keep Each Other Safe? (Autostraddle)

The U.S. Has Billions for Wind and Solar Projects. Good Luck Plugging Them In. (NYT)

If You Give a Woman a Cookie (Eater)

The 2023 Aces Project: MLB insiders rank starting pitchers by tiers, from No. 1s to ‘guys’ (The Athletic)

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