Thursday, March 30, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (3/30/23)

Today is Thursday! Almost there!

Russia arrests Wall Street Journal reporter on espionage charges (The Guardian)

This is great news: The FDA approves the overdose-reversing drug Narcan for over-the-counter sales (NPR)

Uprooted from Ukraine, promising tennis player finds her footing on the court in NH (NHPR)

The Met Is the Latest Museum to Reclassify Russian Art as Ukrainian (Smithsonian)

This is... incredible: Disney sidesteps DeSantis board with royal clause (BBC)

From formula to medications and child care, parents are being crushed under a wave of shortages (The 19th*)

Electricity generated from renewables surpassed coal in the U.S. last year (PBS)

Uber Eats is shutting down thousands of virtual restaurants to make the app less spammy (The Verge)

William A. Wulf, Pioneering Computer Scientist, Dies at 83 (NYT)

Phytoplankton, a key food source for sea life, is declining in the Gulf of Maine (Maine Public)

And some longer reads:

Mexico Investigates Migrant Deaths in Border City Fire as Homicide Case (NYT)

Of course: Serbia’s far right seizes on Putin’s war to push retaking Kosovo (Politico EU)

The Salton Sea, an Accident of History, Faces a New Water Crisis (NYT)

For the Enslaved Potter David Drake, His Literary Practice Was His Resistance (Smithsonian)

Happy Opening Day! MLB in 2023: 9 numbers that will define a transformative season with new rules (The Athletic)

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