Saturday, April 8, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/8/23)

Today is Saturday. I set up my new TV last night and it's amazing!!

Evan Gershkovich: Russia charges US journalist with spying - reports (BBC)

Everything remains terrifying: Judge Invalidates F.D.A. Approval of the Abortion Pill Mifepristone (NYT)

The details here are honestly much less good than this headline makes it sound, but I guess it's something. Anti-trans sports bans would violate Title IX under proposed Education Department rule (The 19th*)

Good for them! In walkout, Nashua high school students take a stand against gun violence (NHPR)

Twitter labels NPR's account as 'state-affiliated media,' which is untrue (NPR)

The Fed’s Fight Against Inflation Could Cost Black Workers The Most (FiveThirtyEight)

Yay! Hillsboro's Gajownik makes history as first High-A woman manager (MLB)

Biden Designates Two New National Monuments (Smithsonian)

Oh wow: Children’s books publisher Peter Usborne dies at 85 (The Guardian)

Archaeologists Discover Wooden Spikes Described by Julius Caesar (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Not good!! Clarence Thomas and the Billionaire (ProPublica)

How Russia’s Offensive Ran Aground (NYT)

An Abandoned, Industrial Ruin Bursts With New Life in Delaware (Smithsonian)

For European dads in the NHL, raising kids in North America presents cultural cachet and conundrums (The Athletic)

Shop Talk: How Nita Prose Wrote a Bestseller in Shifts, Working at Dawn and Dusk (CrimeReads)

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