Thursday, June 15, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (6/15/23)

It's Thursday and somehow we're halfway through June already??

Boris Johnson deliberately misled parliament over Partygate, MPs find (The Guardian)

Jamelle Bouie: Republicans Have Made Their Choice (NYT)

I know who's a danger to children and it's not trans folx. 9-Year-Old Girl With Short Hair Left Sobbing After Being Attacked for Being Trans (TNR)

Forget ‘small-town values.’ We need candidates with big-city values. (WaPo)

Southern Baptists say no to women pastors, uphold expulsion of Saddleback megachurch (NPR)

Not good! At least 45,000 in NH have lost Medicaid since COVID-19 protections expired (NHPR)

Robert Gottlieb, Eminent Editor From le Carré to Clinton, Dies at 92 (NYT)

This is a bad idea in like 15 different ways. MLB intends to curb team spending on tech; staffing limits also discussed, officials say (The Athletic)

Scientists Extract Rocks From Earth’s Mantle (Smithsonian)

The Expatriates: Spy Fiction's Hapless Unfortunates (CrimeReads)

And some longer reads:

A Star Reporter's Break with Reality (The Atlantic)

Liberals try to reclaim ‘parents’ rights’ from conservatives in education (WaPo)

The Prince With No Throne (NYT)

The Zombies Are Attacking Your Home (Team), Reconsidered (Baseball Prospectus)

C.S. Harris Considers the Art of Historical Fiction (CrimeReads)

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