Thursday, June 29, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (6/29/23)

Today is Thursday and it's actually sunny at the moment! In case you're wondering, no, I will not be linking to anything about the perfect game that happened last night, as that pitcher is a known domestic abuser.

EU mulls levy on frozen Russian assets to support Ukraine reconstruction (The Guardian)

Fatal police shooting of teenager triggers protests and arrests across France (NPR)

It's something: Portions of transgender youth care bans in Kentucky, Tennessee blocked by federal judges (PBS)

Good! NH is extending Medicaid coverage for new moms (NHPR)

Biden Issues Executive Order Aimed At Strengthening Contraceptive Access Ahead of Dobbs Anniversary (The Messenger)

Activists blast Tory conversion therapy consent loophole: ‘This will cost many lives’ (Pink News)

In a major discovery, scientists say space-time churns like a choppy sea (WaPo)

Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Rami Malek Among Actors Urging SAG-AFTRA Leaders to Take a Hard Line: ‘This Is Not a Moment to Meet in the Middle’ (Variety)

MLB denies request to revoke Giants' territory rights, give San Jose a team (Yahoo! Sports)

For Ugandan catcher, 'quitting is not an option' (MLB)

And some longer reads:

Heat and smoke are smothering most of the U.S., putting lives at risk (WaPo)

Democratic Frustration Grows as Right-Wing Figures Push RFK Jr. (The Messenger)

Lawmakers are at odds over bail reform: Here’s what to watch in talks this summer (NH Bulletin)

‘People still do not want women to succeed or be equal. While that is true, you need Virago’: 50 years of the warrior publisher (The Guardian)

MLB Player Poll 2023: Their thoughts on new rules, expansion teams and Shohei Ohtani (The Athletic)

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