Friday, January 5, 2024

Weekly Reading (1/5/24)

Happy Friday! I miss putting together link roundups for you, but not having that deadline every morning has been very good for my writing output in general. So I'm going to try something different this year - a dozen or so links once a week (usually Fridays), with a variety of topics and probably a combination of new stuff and older pieces I happened upon and wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!

Kangaroos, squirrels, and treasure hunting: The unique bills of the 2024 session (New Hampshire Bulletin)

Artificial intelligence can find your location in photos, worrying privacy experts (NPR)

New Images of Jupiter’s Moon Io Capture Infernal Volcanic Landscape (NYT)

The anonymous clock-watchers behind MLB’s pitch-clock gambit (The Athletic)

He’s The Trans Son Of An Anti-Trans Influencer. It’s His Turn To Speak. (HuffPost)

Let's Talk About Lineups (Baseball Prospectus)

You are not, in fact, the granddaughter of the witches they couldn’t burn (Going Medieval)

Russia Has a Vodka Addiction. So Does Vladimir Putin – But Not the Same Way. (Politico EU)

Women over 40 jump in to save double Dutch, a lost American pastime (WaPo)

Who First Realised the Earth Was Round? (Antigone)

Daniel Bard Made an Improbable Comeback. Then He Had to Do It Again (The New Yorker)

The Essential John le Carré (NYT)

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