Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Supporting Bones

Lots of fans have been none too happy about all the breaks Bones is taking this season, and the way the schedule keeps changing, and have fairly vocal about it. And really, I don't think anyone means anything bad by it. Fans want to watch the show! It's a good thing! (And some of them might not even realize the reason for the weird scheduling.) But I decided not to ever let myself say anything about being annoyed that the show is off, because every time I see one of those tweets or posts, I picture some network executive somewhere happening across it and thinking "Huh, fans seems pretty upset. Next time one of our stars gets pregnant, maybe we should be less generous with the maternity leave." And you know what's more important to me than a TV show, than any TV show? Living in a world in which women's choices are supported, in which women don't have to decide between risking their careers or spending time with their young children. So take your time, Bones. We'll be here.