Sunday, January 10, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/10/16)

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Today in headlines Mad Libs: Sean Penn interviewed El Chapo for Rolling Stone. (My main takeaway is that it's good Sean Penn has a day job, as I do not particularly want to read his writing ever again.) Obviously this was ethically questionable in any number of ways - including that they let the drug lord approve the piece before publication - and Brian Stetler has a decent rundown of the issues. Last night on Twitter there were many reports from reputable news outlets that Mexican officials "confirmed" that the interaction with Penn helped them catch El Chapo but I'm not seeing stories about that this morning, so . . . I'm not sure. If something surfaces I'll include it tomorrow.

Important service journalism on this Golden Globes Sunday: Here’s Your 2016 Oscar Season Pronunciation Guide (Speaking of, I finally saw Brooklyn last night and it was very good.)

Good news: Court Allows What’s Thought to Be China’s First Lawsuit Demanding Same-Sex Marriage Rights

Here's what Jackie Fuchs's life was after she made her rape public: "I Woke Up in a Parallel Universe"

Blitzen Trappers is an interesting look at the changing lives of Russia's nomadic reindeer herders.

The real roots of Sunni-Shia conflict: beyond the myth of "ancient religious hatreds"

Shameless is back tonight. And they made a coloring book!

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt: Why MAKING A MURDERER Isn’t A Whodunnit

There is now an official diagnostic code for hurt at the library.

The Candy Crush empire is expanding. (I love logic games and have played these on and off for years and have never given them any money, a fact about which I am absurdly proud.)

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