Monday, January 11, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/11/16)

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Me elsewhere: Lots of TV news!

Check out today's cute Alice Paul Google doodle.

Trump got ABC to drop the Union Leader (a big - the biggest? - NH daily newspaper) as a co-sponsor of an upcoming debate, and . . . I don't know. IN THEORY I understand objecting to a news outlet that has made an endorsement being a sponsor, but that has never ever been a problem for anyone with debates in NH before. And Trump is so clearly just mad that the paper is critical of him. And between this and the WMUR thing with the Democratic debate, it really looks like ABC is happy to just drop whatever local partner anyone tells them to drop, without thinking about how that will affect or play to the voters in the state for whose benefit the debate is supposedly being held. I never expected to be siding with the Union Leader on something, but here we are.

In other local media news: NBC Will Launch Boston Station, Threatening Longtime Affiliate WHDH

A very good point about Game of Thrones: "When you’ve come to prize outcomes over the journey that leads to them, and to fetishize being spared the dread specter of so-called spoilers over the quality of prose, character development or carefully established themes, what you’re really admitting is that you care less about engaging with a work as a whole than knowing the basic facts of the story."

Great read: The Tax Sleuth Who Took Down a Drug Lord

In Silicon Valley Now, It’s Almost Always Winner Takes All

Yes yes yes: "If only it were possible to do something good and rewarding without publicly prioritizing what effect that act has on you." (I am all for reading authors from a great variety of backgrounds, and am trying to be more mindful of it in my own reading this year, but this trend of talking on and on and on about how great you are because you won't read ANY straight white men because NONE OF THEM HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY just drives me completely nuts.)

Shocker: The economics of prettiness: more attractive women get higher grades

This story is insane and amazing and I want someone to write me a big thick historical novel based on it RIGHT NOW: How A Dead Millionaire Convinced Dozens Of Women To Have As Many Babies As Possible

Heee: "As far as the amendment, of course it’s the former. If every private citizen had the right to carry a musket, a thousand people would’ve shot Patrick Henry by now, am I right? Don’t worry about it. Everyone will know what it means."

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