Sunday, January 24, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/24/16)

The X-Files is back tonight and if you were not aware, Gillian Anderson was offered half Duchovny's pay. HALF. IN 2015. Also, in the original series: "The studio initially required Anderson to stand a few feet behind her male partner on camera, careful never to step side-by-side with him."

I love love love Lena Dunham's essay about saying no to things: "A delightful cocktail of self-doubt blended with the need for constant approval had me convinced that 'yes' was the key to my like-ability. Without 'yes' what did I have to offer? And so I sprinkled it liberally, and as my obligations built up, so did my resentments, so did my feelings of inadequacy."

How Progressives Can — and Must — Regain the Moral High Ground

This is long and complicated at times but really intriguing: The DIY Scientist, the Olympian, and the Mutated Gene

"You have to think about what these people are saying when they scrutinize me, or every other brown person, in an airport security line. They’re clearly saying: I think you would kill me, and you, and all the people on this plane, including the children."

Disturbing but important and fascinating: How the Klan Got Its Hood

Huh: A Fake Politico Reporter Is Becoming Facebook Friends With Lots Of Journalists

Ooh: John Dee painting originally had circle of human skulls, x-ray imaging reveals

The 1962 Laughter Epidemic of Tanganyika Was No Joke

Miserable-Looking Women Wearing Flower Crowns In Western Art History

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