Monday, January 25, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/25/16)

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Me elsewhere: TV news!

In response to the reaction to the very white Oscar nominations, the Academy is making some changes.

Last week I emailed "Wait, does this end in President Bloomberg?" to a friend, and now I am glad I have that prediction in writing.

How Ted Cruz’s best friend drew him into Jamaican politics and business

It's Monday so I bet you need a bunch of pictures of three huskies and their cat BFF.

Stiffing waitstaff on tips in the name of religion is just gross.

Here is your annual reminder of the difference between sound editing and sound mixing. (This weekend I was watching a movie and kept yelling "The sound mixing is so terrible!" so apparently I have learned the difference!)

What A Mostly Black Hockey Club For Kids Tells Us About The Sport's Future

Ooh: The Secret City of the Cosmonauts

These Little-Known Photographs Put an Eerie Face on Child Labor

I'm not even that into vampire movies but this one has a hilarious title and intriguing cast.

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