Thursday, January 28, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/28/16)

ICYMI, yesterday's Oscar Project post was on Sicario.

I don't 100% agree with Joan Walsh's specific reasons/priorities here, but this is a good read and I am SO TIRED of all the sexism in this campaign/the universe in general: Why I’m Supporting Hillary Clinton, With Joy and Without Apologies

(Should I write something about why I'm supporting Clinton? Is it obvious? Does anyone care?)

How Bernie Sanders Helped Derail a Promising Legal Fight Against Gun Violence

Two interesting pieces about Trump and Cruz and the Republican Party's dilemma: The Duel and Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? Republicans Argue Over Who Is Greater Threat

Donald Trump Is Skipping the GOP Debate Because He Hates Women

Is Trump's debate-skipping ploy a brilliant move or a devastating blunder?

"But Trump has other qualities that many evangelicals admit they admire: wealth and success and — don't let this surprise you — ruthlessness."

The very weird news week continues: Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa’s bizarre Twitter feud, explained

This is an important point: Don't ask actors to fix Hollywood diversity. Ask literally anyone else.

None of these statistics about (the lack of) diversity in publishing are surprising, but seeing it all spelled out that way is important.

Your reward for getting through all that is a happy, kitten-centric news story.

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