Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oscar Project 2016: Sicario

Movie: Sicario

Sicario dealt with interesting subject matter - the "war on drugs" around the U.S./Mexico border - but I had a very hard time feeling engaged with it, I think in large part because it did little to make me care about or even be interested in the characters before jumping into (often unexplained) action. It would have been stronger if it had felt more like it was about the story and characters rather than about some abstract concepts that mostly seemed like an excuse for lots of shooting. (Though to clarify, I'm not objecting to violence per se; I'm just more interested when it serves more of a narrative or character purpose, rather than vice versa.) All that said, the categories in which it was nominated have little to do with any of my objections.

Availability: Available on DVD/Blu-Ray/digital download, to buy or rent.

Nominated in:

Cinematography: Yeah, actually, maybe. It probably wouldn't be my first choice but the cinematography was definitely the movie's strongest suit.

Music (Original Score): The score was fine. I don't particularly want it to win but I wouldn't be outraged.

Sound Editing: Sure, fine, whatever. (By which I mean that the sound editing was good but I already know I'd prefer either of two others I haven't had time to write up yet.)

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