Thursday, February 11, 2016

Morning Coffee (2/11/16)

I am headed on a quick trip to Florida for a family event this weekend - I am on a plane as this is publishing, in fact - which means that link posts should continue as normal (assuming the place I'm staying has wifi, as advertised), but movie posts might not be back until next week.

Wishful thinking of Trump foes and Sanders fans is challenged by New Hampshire

"Young women aren't dumb, and they aren't pledging allegiance to Sanders just to get the boys. But especially for young women, there are social benefits to supporting Sanders — the Guy Thing, the cool thing — that don't come with supporting Clinton."

Important, on Trump's foreign policy: "The most honest way to describe it is a platform of colonialism and institutionalizing war crimes."

And: "[Trump] has the reality television star's ability to operate entirely without shame, and that permits him to operate entirely without restraint. It is the single scariest facet of his personality."

Here's a look at what's really going on with Cruz's crusade against drafting women. "By focusing on women unwillingly conscripted into fighting, Cruz can recast them as helpless victims instead of heroes."

Please read Dylan Matthews on the great money-in-politics myth.

With Trump and Sanders, European-style politics reaches America

I love what Alyssa Rosenberg is saying here about The Big Short (and other movies): "Having more women and people of color in 'The Big Short' certainly would have made it a more diverse movie. But it might also have distracted from the fact that 'The Big Short' is a story both about a specific group of white men and about an environment created and dominated by white men."

Women in Company Leadership Tied to Stronger Profits, Study Says

End of an era.

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