Friday, February 26, 2016

Oscar Project 2016: Day One

Movie: Day One

Day One is an intense film about an interpreter working for the American Army in Afghanistan and her eventful first day on the job. It was well-made but just felt too pat to me - look how terrible war is! And it is, and that's important, but there are so many more questions that could have been examined especially in this specific context of Afghan-American women in the military and all the cultural complexities there, so I was disappointed that it didn't - probably didn't have time to - do much with those. (Also, the beginning reminded me of nothing so much as the China Beach pilot, which could have added nuance but came across as more just disjointed.) All that said, lead Layla Alizada gave a great performance, as did Jesse Luken in a quiet but important role.

Availability: Head this way to learn how/where to see the shorts.

Nominated in:

Short Film (Live Action): I'd say that Layla Alizada's performance was award-worthy, but I'm not convinced about the film as a whole.

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