Friday, February 26, 2016

Oscar Project 2016: Everything Will Be Okay

Movie: Everything Will Be Okay

This German short starts off as a family drama and turns into a thriller so gradually that it's completely horrifying and thoroughly compelling. The lead performances are great, especially young newcomer Julia Pointner, whose character's instinctive understanding of psychological complexity is what makes this all work emotionally and keeps the adult protagonist from just seeming like a monster. (Someone please cast Pointner and Jacob Tremblay in something where they get to play with puppies and eat ice cream all day. These kids deserve a break.)

Availability: Head this way to learn how/where to see the shorts.

Nominated in:

Short Film (Live Action): Yes. It was really great and packed so much plot and character development into a short time without ever feeling rushed or like it was doing too much.

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