Friday, February 19, 2016

Oscar Project 2016: Stutterer

Movie: Stutterer

Stutterer is the powerful story of a young man named Greenwood who has a bad stutter, told from his perspective (with voiceover of his interior monologue) as he goes through his daily life - going to work, hanging out with his dad, trying to call the cable company - and tries to psych himself up to meet in person his online girlfriend, who doesn't know about his stutter. It's extremely well-made, especially given that it was reportedly made for just £5000, and lead actor Matthew Needham is completely mesmerizing.

But I hated the ending so much that it pretty much ruined the whole thing for me, and I get madder about it the more I think about it. SPOILERS IN THE NEXT PARAGRAPH.

SPOILERS: At the very end of the film, it's revealed that Greenwood's love interest Ellie is deaf, so . . . everything's great because he can't speak to her anyway! Love wins! Sunshine and puppy dogs! I know Greenwood's other problems would persist, but having this AMAZING MIRACULOUS COINCIDENCE in his romantic life just served to cheapen and undermine for me all the work he put into getting to the point at which he could meet Ellie in person, and I found it maddening, especially because I liked the rest of it so much.

Availability: Head this way for info on how to watch the shorts.

Nominated in:

Short Film (Live Action): Ugh, most of it was SO GOOD, but . . . no. I just can't get over the issue described above enough to want this to win.

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