Friday, March 11, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/11/16)

Happy Friday!

ICYMI: Your February book review finally posted, because I didn't want it getting lost in all the movie posts. You'll get a second one for March. If you want two book reviews EVERY month, consider supporting me on Patreon - that's the next goal!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is writing a book!

New DuckTales!!!

Speaking of revivals, I'm mildly interesting in this Legends of the Hidden Temple movie but I wish they'd just bring it back AS A GAME SHOW.

GQ's Eddie Redmayne profile is thoroughly delightful. (Apparently delightful magazine profile are the way to my heart. Last night a friend on Twitter asked which celebrities we wanted to kiss, and I had to think about it a lot but eventually came up with "Damian Lewis, because of his New Yorker profile.")

This Game of Thrones snow art is incredible.

19 essential books about TV sounds relevant to our interests.

Whoa, look at these knitted electronics.

Amazing: "Siblings Jack Gore, 10, and Phoebe Gore, 7, founders of the Gore & Gore Detective Agency, already have three solved cases under their belt. They’re organized, quick and know what it takes to build a solid reputation solving mysteries."

Why Jean-Luc Picard Never Carried a Wallet

How to Tell If You're In a Viking Saga

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