Thursday, March 3, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/3/16)

Me elsewhere: I guested on The Ark 100 FM podcast again last night, talking about last week's episode of The 100. Actually, I talked a lot about software testing, but I swear it was plot relevant.

Let's start with something not completely terrible today! "It felt as if, for the first time in history, the gender playing field at the high court was finally leveled, and as a consequence the court’s female justices were emboldened to just ignore the rules."

Donald Trump released a policy proposal! No, that seriously makes me happy: he's a real candidate so we should treat him like a real candidate and look at this stuff. "For better or worse the plan does reveal Trump to be a fairly conventional contemporary Republican on health care issues." Though: "This part strays in a nuanced (but important) way from recent Obamacare repeal plans to make Trump's proposal much less favorable to low-income people than even more Republican alternative's [sic] to the Affordable Care Act." (I also enjoy the way this piece points out a certain similarity between Trump's and Sanders's "plans.")

Here's A Running List Of Racist Things That Have Happened At Trump Rallies

Bernie Sanders’s path to the nomination is getting very narrow

I love the extent to which the White House is trolling Republicans regarding the Supreme Court nomination, but also from everything I've read Jane Kelly would be a fine choice, so really it's win/win.

I can't figure out what part of this piece about a new Texas county GOP chair to quote and you should really just read it, but: "The newly elected chair of the Republican Party in the county that includes the Texas Capitol spent most of election night tweeting about former Gov. Rick Perry’s sexual orientation and former President Bill Clinton’s penis, and insisting that members of the Bush family should be in jail. He also found time to call Hillary Clinton an 'angry bull dyke.'" And: "'Tell them they can go fuck themselves,' Morrow told the Tribune." (Covering politics in Texas must be amazing.)

This is just a great piece of writing: Chris Christie’s wordless screaming

How Trump’s ‘Off the Record’ Remarks Crept Out

Ha: Proof Disney Is Actually Marketing “Zootopia” To Furries

How To Tell If You’re In a Flannery O’Connor Story

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  1. You are right about the wordless screaming piece--that is some amazing writing. I read it yesterday and emailed it to my entire family, because they needed to experience it.