Friday, March 4, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/4/16)

Happy Friday!

It's been QUITE A WEEK, so I'm pretty sure you need shirtless Irish farmers snuggling baby animals. You're welcome.

This piece on what it's like to host a presidential debate has a lot of interesting logistics (my favorite!) and also a very heartwarming Hillary Clinton story.

Go JJ Abrams: "Bad Robot will reportedly work with its agency partner CAA and studios Warner Bros and Paramount to ensure women and minorities are submitted for writing, directing and acting jobs for the company in direct proportion to their representation among the US population."

The Outlander stars are being very pretty for Saks, and I plan to make a friend in New York and/or Los Angeles go take pictures of their Outlander-themed windows for me. (Or I guess they'll probably turn up online.) I LOVE DEPARTMENT STORE WINDOWS.

I'm not even that into video games, but this piece on video game market research was fascinating, if tonally odd - it seemed to spend a lot of time justifying the existence of market research in the first place, and surely that's a no-brainer? Anyway, I enjoy any article about GIANT DATABASES OF MINUTIAE.

Awards show best-dressed list, explained (Brie Larson's dress still looks like a weird optical illusion to me in almost every picture. Help.)

Someone try this and let me know how it is: Amazon Echo Now Lets You Investigate the Murder of Bruce Wayne’s Parents


Why yes, I do want to read about 16 Perfect Lip Balms. (My current lip balm obsession is Perfectly Posh's Santa Monica Smooth.)

How to Tell If You Are in a Du Maurier Novel: "You have escaped disaster, and things have for the most part ended well, and yet you cannot shake a sense of dread and foreboding.

Someone is crushing your spirit. You try as hard as you can not to inconvenience them while they do it."

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  1. It is as if that lip balm article was written for me. I have tried seven of the sixteen. My favorite is the Kiehl's Lip Balm #1, although I also really like the one by First Aid Beauty, which did not make their list.