Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/8/16)

ICYMI: A few thoughts on ABC's The Family.

So: Bloomberg is not running, but this piece about his plans and research is fascinating, and there's even a rough cut of an ad. I think his calculations about running now ending up making it more likely for Trump to win are probably correct, so I'm glad he's not, but this would have been SO INTERESTING to watch, and in a Trump/Sanders/Bloomberg race I would have at least . . . considered him.

I'm so happy that Erin Andrews won a big victory yesterday, and this piece about other female sports journalists and safety while traveling is a must-read.

Good: A Big Win for Same-Sex Adoption at the Supreme Court

"In short, Hillary Clinton is running to lead Democrats, and Bernie Sanders is running to lead liberals."

This is important: "Nothing Trump has said about immigrants, the Ku Klux Klan, or anything else violates the GOP’s baseline standards. The problem is that he implicitly proposes to invert the party’s hierarchy, prioritizing its right-wing social resentments while tolerating ambiguity on economics. And his popularity suggests that maybe average Republicans aren’t maniacally obsessed with shrinking government after all."

Crossword drama update!

Also: A bridge scandal! What a time to be alive. (Confession: I STILL have no idea how bridge nor poker work, at all. I understand other card games! Just not the ones people talk about all the time.)

Kelly Clarkson Says She Was ‘Blackmailed’ Into Working With Dr. Luke, Who Is ‘Not a Good Guy’

Whoa: Ego depletion may have been debunked.

America's Scandalous, Psychic, Forgotten First Female Presidential Candidate

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