Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/9/16)

Sad news: George Martin has died.

This seems obvious but is important to keep in mind! "Ted Cruz is more interested in winning the Republican nomination than stopping Donald Trump from winning it."

Russia's Communist Party is making a comeback — and it's bad news for Putin

Ugh, John McAfee.

I don't think this should actually SURPRISE anyone but: Trump Tower Funded by Rich Chinese Who Invest Cash for Visas

Perhaps you, like me, are the kind of person to be soothed by a Platonic analysis of Trump, in which case: Here you go.

Internal Data Offers Glimpse At Uber Sex Assault Complaints (with an important update here)

This look at the history of horoscopes in media was very interesting, even for someone with less than zero interest in horoscopes, but also contained the most preposterous sentence I've read in a while: "Astrology is more real than football." What. No. That's not how anything works.

It's sad how often we have to think about this stuff: "Do I cut ties with anyone a friend tells me has been abusive or manipulative, or does their abuse need to reach some arbitrary level of horror? Do I need proof? How many people do I have left after that? When you cut them out, how many publications are left to write for? How many parties are left to go to? How many friends do you start to question because they’re friends with the person you cut ties with? Do they even lose anything without me, or am I the one at a disadvantage?"

Scientists Discover a Boiling River of Amazonian Legend

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