Monday, August 1, 2016

Morning Coffee (8/1/16)

The political cats of Britain are really seizing their moment while the humans are in disarray, huh?

The Ice Bucket Challenge did not fund a breakthrough in ALS treatment. This is important: "There is real harm in trumpeting citizen fundraising campaigns as a source of scientific advancement, though: because of this long-term, incremental work, science requires sustained, long-term funding. As useful as the funds raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge are, they can't replace the big, institutional, steady spending that has been under assault since the Reagan era."

Why Michelle Obama's Convention Speech Was a Total Game Changer

The subtext of Bill Clinton’s speech: women have always done the invisible, thankless work

Three-fourths of evangelicals support Donald Trump. Blame the "prosperity gospel." (Vox always has me at "Max Weber.")

And/but: Trump Is Driving Catholic Voters Toward Clinton

So, the Alan Grayson campaign situation was weird to start with...

...AND THEN: Alan Grayson said he never hit his wife. Then he got physical with a reporter.

I have limited sympathy for people who do not get agreements regarding compensation IN WRITING in the first place, but this situation with child performers certainly reinforces how terrible Trump and his people are. (And, obviously, it's the adult who should have insisted on a contract and none of this is the children's fault.)

Cecile Richards was the first person to say "abortion" at the DNC. Democrats often don't.

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