Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Morning Coffee (8/2/16)

Me elsewhere: Your TV news for the week.

What It Was Like to See Hillary Clinton Make History

Hillary Is Poised to Make the ‘Impossible Possible’ — for Herself and for Women in America

‘Stronger Together’ and ‘I Am Your Voice’ — How the Nominees’ Convention Speeches Compare

"Forget about running a country, would you trust Donald Trump to even babysit a cashew? Are you 100% confident that if you gave Melania Trump a Starbucks order, she’d come back with actual coffee instead of a picture of someone drinking coffee?"

HAHAHAHA: Bernie Fans Abandoned DNC Protest Because ‘Microaggressions’ Made Them Cry

How Obama’s election sparked the white racial panic that’s powering Trump

The research is clear: electing more women changes how government works

Is Watching Gymnastics Worse Than Being an NFL Fan? (Everything is terrible!)

Good for her: The Political Passion of Eva Longoria

God bless Mallory Ortberg: Things I Believe Would Be True Of Me This Week If I Had Watched The Entire Series Run Of The West Wing Instead Of Just The Pilot On Three Separate, Non-Consecutive Occasions

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