Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Morning Coffee (9/21/16)

Me elsewhere: Fall TV has started so so have my pilot reviews! Kevin Can Wait was pretty terrible!

"I cannot wait to vote for Hillary Clinton, but not just because I want to see Donald Trump fail and cry."

This is huge: Mass. High Court Says Black Men May Have Legitimate Reason To Flee Police

David Fahrenthold is doing such good work: Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems

Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles tweet: inaccurate, dehumanizing, plagiarized, and rooted in anti-Semitism

And: 'I'm a refugee' says Skittles photographer

Everything's fine: Donald Trump Jr. Has Become A Hero To Neo-Nazi Websites

This guy absolutely seems like an adult who understands the world: Gary Johnson: I’d close Dept. of Homeland Security

New York Times editor on Trump: “We will call out lies” Uh. Good?

GOOD FOR HER: School lunch worker quits after being forced to refuse hot meal to poor student (They THROW OUT lunches of students who can't pay and give them meager sandwiches instead, which costs MORE than just giving them the food. Don't pretend this is money-saving rather than deliberately shaming poor children, people.)

As with many things Anne Helen Petersen writes, this is worth reading for the insights into culture and media even if you don't care about the specific celebrities involved: Brangelina Is Dead; Long Live Angelina

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