Thursday, September 22, 2016

Morning Coffee (9/22/16)

Happy fall! Finally!

Me elsewhere: Pilot thoughts on This Is Us and The Good Place.

Hillary Clinton: My Plan for Helping America’s Poor

Joss Whedon and friends really want you to vote.

Confirmed: Trump campaign is controlling every word of prominent CNN commentator (Also, of COURSE Lewandowski's company is called Green Monster Consulting. Of course.)

!! ‘The West Wing’ Cast to Campaign for Hillary Clinton

The true cost of mass incarceration exceeds $1 trillion

This is a headline I genuinely never thought I'd see: Dalai Lama does impression of Donald Trump

I haven't seen new show Notorious yet - it premieres tonight - but I love a good bad review and this one is great.

What do with think of the new Anne of Green Gables trailer? I'm a little skeptical but it's not as bad as I feared! And I'm all in on Martin Sheen as Matthew, obviously.

I don't know why anyone's talking about Brangelina when obviously this is the only celebrity news that matters this week: Christopher Darden Finally Admits That He and Marcia Clark Were ‘More Than Just Friends’

Sad White Person movies don’t get much better than Manchester by the Sea

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