Friday, December 15, 2017

Morning Coffee (12/15/17)

Time for some happy Friday links!

Liverpool made their annual Christmas visit to a children's hospital and IT WAS ADORABLE.

Someone wrote a Harry Potter chapter via predictive text and it's amazing.

Will and Harry met BB-8!!!

Pretty convincing: Why You Should Buy an Entire Case of Sparkling Wine for the Holidays

I am not this talented but I LOVE THEM: 13 Snowflake Nail Art Designs For People Who Love White Christmases

The Fug Girls have a fun chat about favorite books of the year.

NPR has PODCATS PAJAMA PANTS. Yes, as in cats listening to podcasts.

I wouldn't want this as the ONLY tree but I love them as SECONDARY trees: Pink Holiday Trees Are The Best Thing To Happen This Season

I'm not sure I GET this but it's fun: Pick Out 5 Junk Foods And We’ll Recommend A 2017 YA Book To Read

15 Blanket Scarves That Feel Like You Never Left Your Bed

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