Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Morning Coffee (1/31/18)

ICYMI, yesterday's Oscar post: The Shape of Water

A FARC Rebel Commander Runs For President. Many Colombians Aren't Ready To Forgive

Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown is a recipe for national decline

2018 State of the Union Fact-Check

There’s a Typo on Tickets for Trump’s First State of the Union. Obviously.

The worker behind Hawaii’s missile scare thought there was a real missile

You have to read the details, because it's weirder and stupider than you think: they valued the property WAY LOWER than he said (of course) but he's suing because the taxes based on that LOWER figure are, he claims, too high: Trump sues over property tax bill for Florida golf club

Hmmmm: Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase join forces to tackle employees’ health-care costs

I finally had a chance to read the Times' expose on buying Twitter followers; as someone who pays attention to social media stuff this wasn't surprising, but the details are interesting: The Follower Factory

This is horrifying: Toronto police charge landscaper as serial killer, find human remains in flower pots

A D-Day Plane Lost for Years Is About to Fly Again

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