Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Oscar Project 2018: The Post

Movie: The Post

The Post was exactly my kind of movie - a bunch of actors I like playing smart characters fighting for good at an interesting moment in history - and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It also, of course, felt VERY timely, not least because I saw it literally during this year's State of the Union address. I expected the (much-appreciated) main theme to be about the importance of the free press in a democracy, but I was very happy to find that it also had strong feminist themes dealing with Katharine Graham's life and career and her work to be taken seriously as publisher of the Washington Post after her husband's death. This was definitely a feel-good movie for liberals right now, but . . . you know, sure, we kinda need it.

Availability: In basically all theaters right now.

Nominated In:
Best Picture: Not QUITE. This was very good but not great. That said, I wouldn't be angry or anything if it won.

Actress in a Leading Role: Meryl Streep is obviously always great, and she is here. I'm not sure she'd be my first choice, but I wouldn't say she doesn't deserve it.

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