Saturday, August 3, 2019

Morning Coffee (8/3/19)

Sigh: Lewandowski confirms he's 'very seriously' considering 2020 US Senate run

Oh THIS is what happened with that whole weird thing: Pence Canceled New Hampshire Trip to Avoid Meeting a Drug Trafficker

Enough with "Novelty Candidates"

There's hope: Only 8 Candidates Have Qualified for the Next Democratic Debate

The Trump Strain in American History

Moves to improve press freedom in Malaysia met with cautious optimism

New Documents Raise Ethical and Billing Concerns About the NRA’s Outside Counsel

Could a PrEP implant change the fight against HIV infection forever?

Triceratops Skull, 65 Million Years Old, Unearthed by College Student, 23

Study Asks If War Makes A Person More ... Or Less ... Religious


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