Sunday, August 4, 2019

Morning Coffee (8/4/19)

Border Patrol’s Toxic Culture Goes Way Beyond Facebook Groups. It’s Actually for Sale on a T-Shirt.

This is terrifying: North Carolina gun shop uses images of four congresswomen of color on billboard

This is really the stupidest timeline: Iceland criticized Duterte’s drug war, so he accused its people of ‘eating ice’

15 Percent Is Not A Magic Number For Primary Delegates

Medicare for All? For More? Here’s How Medicare Works

Wow: Cisco to Pay $8.6 Million to Settle Government Claims of Flawed Tech

Iranian Soccer Star’s Sister Wants Women to Be Allowed at His Matches

Crystal Cathedral in California Gets a New Life as a Catholic Church

When a Mega-Tsunami Drowned Mars, This Spot May Have Been Ground Zero

Harlan Lane, Vigorous Advocate for Deaf Culture, Dies at 82

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