Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (1/31/23)

Today is Tuesday and somehow it's the last day of January already?!

Russian propaganda responds to German tank deployment to Ukraine: ‘Nazis,’ ‘swastikas’ and talk of World War III (Grid)

UNESCO Adds Odesa to List of World Heritage in Danger (Smithsonian)

This headline is weird because obviously that doesn't make Ukraine...less dangerous. But the information is important! More journalists killed in Latin America and Caribbean than Ukraine in 2022 (The Guardian)

COVID-19 still a global health emergency, says WHO (Politico EU)

tl;dr: Everything's a nightmare! What education issues to watch at the NH State House: School choice, parents' rights and more (NHPR)

Good move. Girl Guides of Canada renames its Brownies after members share experiences of racism (NPR)

$20 Million Worth of Looted Art Returns to Italy From the U.S. (NYT)

Scientists develop blood test for Alzheimer’s disease (The Guardian)

Mars crater is 'chock-full' of opal gemstones, hinting at widespread water and possible microbial life (Live Science)

Why You Should Start Reading Regional American Literature (Book Riot)

And some longer reads:

Russia’s War Breathes New Life Into a Cold War Symbol (NYT)

The Freedom Caucus wish list: From healthcare to the war in Ukraine, can they get what they want? (Grid)

The DIY D-Day (Intelligencer)

The U.S. Will Need Thousands of Wind Farms. Will Small Towns Go Along? (NYT)

The Fossil Flowers That Rewrote the History of Life (New Yorker)

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