Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (2/1/23)

Today is Wednesday and it's February!

4 suspects in the assassination of Haiti's president were transferred to U.S. custody (NPR)

Ukraine wants to join EU within two years, PM says (Politico EU)

‘It is a war’: senator and Auschwitz survivor Liliana Segre on fighting Italy’s far right (The Guardian)

This is awful: These benefits will disappear when Biden ends the Covid national and public health emergencies in May (CNN)

Important! CDC warns that a brand of eyedrops may be linked to drug-resistant bacterial infection (NBC)

How Wisconsin’s upcoming Supreme Court election became a referendum on abortion access (Grid)

Researchers say the FBI's statistics on hate crimes across the country are flawed (NPR)

You don't say (I joke but having data is good!!): Long Covid Is Keeping Significant Numbers of People Out of Work, Study Finds (NYT)

Advocates want to change a NH law that criminalizes drug checking equipment (NHPR)

Science journals ban listing of ChatGPT as co-author on papers (The Guardian)

And some longer reads:

Police body cameras filmed Tyre Nichols’ killing. But they were supposed to prevent it in the first place. (Grid)

U.S. Pours Money Into Chips, but Even Soaring Spending Has Limits (NYT)

Climate change puts more women at risk for domestic violence (WaPo)

The Writer Who Burned Her Own Books (New Yorker)

With This Japanese Ace, the Ghost Stories Are True (NYT)

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