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Demon's Surrender Contest!

I've been telling everyone I know to read Sarah Rees Brennan's Demon's Lexicon trilogy for months. The third and final book, The Demon's Surrender, is finally coming out on Tuesday, so I decided it's time to put my money where my mouth is and buy some books to give away!

First: If you don't know why you should read these books, I've explained here.

The Basics: I will give you a bunch of ways to enter. (See below.) You may enter in as many ways as you like, though some of the types of entries have limits. Because my goal is to spread the word about the trilogy, some methods are "worth" more and get multiple entries. On Tuesday - Demon's Surrender release day - I will use a random number generator to pick at least five winners. (Maybe more, if I get some really good entries!)

The Prizes: At least five of you will win a copy of Demon's Surrender or another Sarah Rees Brennan book of your choice. So if you haven't read her at all, you can opt to start with the first book, or if you already have (or have pre-ordered) the whole trilogy, you can pick one of the anthologies in which Rees Brennan has a short story. (If you already have all of those too, well, we'll figure something out.) Within reason, you may pick the format of your prize - paperback, Kindle, Nook, iBook, etc. I may add additional prizes, contingent on the number and quality of entries.

The Deadline: Tuesday, June 14, 5:00am Eastern

Ways to Enter:

1. Tweet something that includes the hashtag #DemonsSurrender, my handle @katelinnea, and the link to this contest page: Here's a template:
"I want to win @sarahreesbrenna's #DemonsSurrender from @katelinnea because [your reason]."
You can change that around if you want, as long as you keep all those elements and do NOT put my name FIRST in the tweet (because then only my followers will see it, and they already know I want them to read the book). You may enter by tweet multiple times (up to 5 times a day, for a total of 25), but each entry tweet must be different. (So you could say "because demons are awesome" on one, "because I love Alan" on another, etc.) Each tweet is worth 1 entry.

2. Blog about this contest and leave the link to your blog post in the comments on this post. Each blog post (1 per blog) is worth 5 entries.

3. Review one of Sarah Rees Brennan's books on your blog and leave the link to your blog post in the comments on this post. Each review is worth 3 entries.

4. Review one of Sarah Rees Brennan's books on another site (Amazon, GoodReads, etc.) and leave the link to your review in the comments on this post. Each review is worth 2 entries.

5. Share this post on Facebook (and leave me a comment to let me know, because I'm not sure it tells me) for 3 entries.

6. If you've read Lexicon and/or Covenant, leave a comment on this post telling me a character you love or a couple you 'ship, AND WHY. (Or if you haven't read the books, recommend another book to me in the comments.) As long as you give reasons for your choices (and please avoid huge spoilers if possible), you can enter this way up to 8 times. (And yes, you can 'ship the same character with more than one person.) Each comment is worth 1 entry.

7. If you've done some other awesome thing to promote Demon's Surrender, tell me about it in the comments and I'll give you a surprise number of entries!

The Small Print: I reserve the right to evaluate entries on an individual basis if I think someone is being somehow fraudulent. I'm not going to set geographical limits, but if you live somewhere where shipping is ridiculously expensive, I may ask you to cover part of the shipping cost if you win.

Questions? No? Enter away!


  1. I've read Lexicon & Covenant and loved them both. I have a soft spot for tortured bad boys and Nick is no exception.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I can't wait to read Surrender!


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  3. I Tweeted:!/Jovial_1/status/79257851234754560

    I'd love to win a copy of Demons Surrender. I've read the first two books and I really want to know how Nick and Jamy make out. Do Nick/demon become more human? Does Jamy turn into an evil magi?

  4. I think Alan and Sin would make an uber cute couple even though they kinda seemed to hate each other last time I checked XD I just love those relationships that begin from "I hate you, but you're kinda hot..." And I want them to have each other since Nick and Mae seem to be an item... but Sarah is a diabolical individual, so who knows? *shrugs*

  5. I have read the first two books and I can't wait to read Demon's Surrender! I love all of the characters and I am crossing my fingers for HEA's for everyone. However, I have to say that Alan is my favorite. I ship Alan and whoever makes him happy! Oh and in a non-romantic way I ship Alan & Nick. I love their brotherly bond.

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    Total entries: 7

    Thank you!!! seescootread[at]gmail[dot]com

  6. I have only had the pleasure of reading the first book in the trilogy. However, it was amazing! The couple I love to ship (and my guilty pleasure) is Nick and Jamie. I love how Jamie kind of warms up to Nick while still being a little freaked out by him. Also, SRB's tidbit about Nick and Jamie going to the movies was priceless. They are definitely a lot of fun to ship.

    My evil plan for promoting "The Demon's Lexicon" has basically consisted of making all of my friends read it and then suggesting it to every book store employee I run into in the local bookstores. (They may think I'm a bit crazy but being a social outcast is worth it to get more people to read SRB!)

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! My email is

  7. Hi Kate!

    I have embarked on the fabulous journey of encouraging (read: harassing) people to read Demon's Surrender. Not like we don't talk about SRB and the trilogy incessantly anyway. Live-tweeting will be back on Tuesday. :)


    My book review of both Demon's Lexicon and Demon's Covenant --

    I'm nervous about shipping people after your commentary from the final book. *narrows eyes* But I really like Alan & Sin and Alan & Mae, and Nick & Jamie. Nick & Jamie because that would be the hottest make-out scene ever. Can I three-way ship Alan, Sin, and Mae because that would be the second hottest make-out scene ever. Or tied. (Yes, I ship based on make-out scene hottest potential, but it seems more appropriate in an SRB book.)

    You know my e-mail & I'll let you do the math on the entries.

    And I really might make a shirt. I think a Reeves brother t-shirt would go quite nicely next to my Adrian Ivashkov, Christian Ozera, and Rose Hathaway shirts, don't you?

  8. Should I comment every time I tweet? I'm @ramen_addict aka the weirdo.

    Oh wow I can comment 8 times? :D Happy day.

    I freakin' love Nick, and honestly, I'd ship him with anybody. But maybe not Alan. Maybe. Like I said in the other comment, I think Nick and Mae are a pretty done deal, which I am happy with because Mae deals with his sociopathy well in my opinion, and I really think Nick can grow to love Mae... somehow.

  9. Hi, loving the awesome contest!

    I picked up Lexicon at the bookshop when it had just come out as I liked the cover and the synopsis, and haven't looked back! I had Covenant on pre-order, and read it as soon as it arrived, and I am currently waiting impatiently at my letterbox for Surrender to arrive!

    My absolute favourite characters are Nick and Alan (although I also love Mae and Jamie and Seb and Annabel and Sin... I could go on haha), and I guess I don't really have a particular favourite ship, as basically I just want them all to end up happy, with whoever it may be that makes them happy. My favourite relationships in this book are the family ones, especially between Nick and Alan, and Mae and Jamie (and I'm sure Sin and her brother and sister when I finally get Surrender!). So many books focus more on the romance aspect of relationships, and whilst yeah, that's great, I often find the sibling bonds far more interesting as they are less often shown, or if they are, it's often in the sense of 'Oh, my brother/sister's evil, I must fight them' or something, whereas what I really love about these books is that it doesn't matter to the characters if their sibling may be a bit evil, they will still stand by eachother no matter what. Alan would obviously do anything for Nick (and has done), and even though it may not be obvious to the outside observer, Nick would do anything for Alan, and it's the same for Mae and Jamie, and that is my favourite thing about these books - that family is the most important thing.

    Sorry for the long comment, and thanks again for this great contest! And the more people who read these brilliant books, the better! I am constantly hassling people to read them (:!

    My e-mail:

  10. I made a blog post here:

  11. Clearly a great contest, cause SRB is the best! I personally ship Mae and Nick as well as Alan and Sin together, because, YES! Both couples complement each other and are totally fun. I love how Mae is able to truly affect Nick, how we can see his growth through his own eyes in Lexicon, and through Mae's in Covenant. I love Alan and Sin because they are perfect for each other, both are intensely about family, sometimes to their own detriment, but as of Covenant they don't see it at all! I can't wait to find out what happens in the series, and to see what SRB does next! I tweeted about the contest:!/kelseybmurphy/status/79292928811474945
    I facebooked it as well, so that should make a total of 5 entries.

    Thanks! And you're totally awesome for promoting this fabulous series!

  12. I've never read any books by SRB, but so far, I've always found your recommendations valid for me!

    So, I tweeted as prescribed. And since my tweets all go to Facebook as well, that means the tweet will show up there, under my account as Jen Kubeck.

    Looking forward to seeing if I win!

  13. I love this trilogy and can't wait for the third one!

    I reviewed them both on my blog here:

    and here:

  14. I love most of the characters in the "Demons" books because they are so easy to sympathize with and very believable, with annoying traits and/or major flaws.

    Among my favorites is Jamie because he is always entertaining even in the worst situations. His comments are extremely amusing in a way that is often both pointed and self deprecating. I think he would be a fun person to hang out with even if he does seem to have an unfortunate taste in music.

  15. Surrender arrived today, if you don't already know, I entirely blame you for my reading and owning all three. Use your power wisely...

  16. Blogged about this on my Tumblr!

  17. I volgged about Demon's Lexicon on Youtube:

    Will be vlogging about Demon's Covenant shortly.

    Super excited to read Surrender!

  18. I just posted a link to this contest on my Facebook wall, saying "Can't say no to free books especially when they're written by someone as amazing as Sarah Rees Brennan."

  19. I've shipped Alan/Sin since the first book. They just seem too opposite of each other. I think that if they were to spend more time together, really talk to each other, they would find that they have quite a bit in common and develop a grudging respect which would eventually be ~more~

  20. I also ship Mae/Sin. Because... it would be hot? Also because I've seen some fantastic fanart and fanfic online of those two. And anyway the whole torn-between-two-brothers thing is a little overdone.

  21. Here's my Amazon review:

  22. I also posted this to Facebook (I'm not sure how to link the FB post back here).

  23. I just finished Demon's Covenant and I am dying to read Demon's Surrender.

    I love Nick because SRB makes him so hard to love. He has come to care about the people around him, but in a decidedly demon nonhuman way. He tries to act human for Alan because he owes it to him, he comforts Mae because she has told him that this is what humans want when they are upset. The most effective description of this was from his "dad's" diary, describing a young demon, frustrated because he could not relate to the humans and because he missed Alan and was uncomfortable about feeling that way.

    Here is a link to my blog, where I review Demon's Covenant and mention this contest:

  24. I tweeted here:!/kreagreads/status/79661672293339136

    Thanks for the contest!

  25. Another favorite of mine amongst the characters in the "Demons" books is Mae. She has qualities that I admire partly because they are so different from myself. Mae does not often worry about making a fool of herself or the how others will judge her. She is brave and will stand up, although afraid, to physical danger or social ridicule for friends, family, or what she believes is right. She is also sometimes reckless and unafraid of things that are more dangerous than she is aware.

    I liked Mae's sensible attitude to dating and "teen romance" (which she really needed given her incredibly non sensible judgment of the guys she sometimes dated). I like that she has strong friendships with other girls. I like her relationship with her younger brother Jamie. I even like that she is "more bossy than god". What LOVE about Mae is her good heart.

  26. The first character I fell for in "The Demon's Lexicon" was Alan. He was smart and funny, competent and kind, a mixture which is almost guaranteed to appeal.

    Then I found out he was a huge liar - something that is really NOT appealing. But his kindness (even to complete strangers), seems to be completely genuine. And his loyalty to his brother is total and unquestionable. Also he doesn't seem to get any of the pleasure from fooling people that I associate with cons, (and which I very much dislike), or in lying for its own sake. But with someone who lies as well as Alan does, how can you really tell? That, of course, is one of the reasons why habitual liars make me so uncomfortable.

    So Alan is easy to love as a character in a book, and I do. If I knew him in real life, I would feel all the more nervous by just how likable he is. He is one of those people you can be drawn to in spite of your sense of self preservation. Alan is a wonderful and complicated character, whom I very much love, with major reservations.

  27. Mae and Jamie's mother Annabel is a character I came to love in "The Demon's Covenant" partly because she seemed to be unsure of herself when it comes to "mothering", (a feeling that I find very easy to relate to), but clearly loved her children (in an undemonstrative way). She was surprisingly tough and open minded when it really counted. And I loved the way she charmed Nick and the image of her fencing with him in her high heels!

  28. I've mentioned Nick/Mae and Nick/everyone, but I also specifically ship Nick/Jamie because I think they're hilarious together :) And Jamie just happens to be in the small category of people Nick cares about. And I don't really want Jamie to end up with Seb because personally I think he's kinda a jerk, but idk.

  29. I really love Jamie. He is so funny and fabulous and REAL. I definitely connect to his awkwardness and humor, and how those are how he reacts to tense or scary situations. I also love how he's a character who is gay, not THE GAY ONE.

  30. I love Gerald - not as a person, but as a character. He's fascinating. I always wanted to know more about him, which is why I love the short story that Sarah posted about his childhood. He is intriguing. I love when "bad guys" are written as interesting, not-shallow characters.

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    I totally ship Alan/Nick (not in that way!) because their bromance really shines through the pages.

  32. Alan is my favorite character. He is smart and complex. He had me fooled and made the story that much more interesting.
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  35. I should probably mention that I love Nick even though I don't usually like the "tortured bad boy" type much. Nick doesn't seem so much tortured really, just massively irritated by all the incomprehensible humans that surround him. Yet he manages to be funny about it, using his awesome powers of sarcasm. Next to him, other "bad boys" come off as mere wannabes, and that's just fine with me. :-)

  36. I'm really looking foreword to seeing a lot more of Sin in the next book because she is an awesome kick-ass lady. We've only seen a part of her life in the first 2 books, usually from a the perspective of people who don't know her very well. I do know she loves the Goblin Market and her family and dancing. That she's a fighter and she has to support her younger siblings financially in what ever way she can. I'm ready to learn more.

  37. My favorite relationships in the Demons trilogy so far are all between siblings. Mae and Jamie have a relationship I envy. They get each others' humor and haven't out grown having fun together the way so many siblings seem to do. I think the scene when Mae's listening to music and ends up offering Jamie one of her earbuds and they listen together just as a way to be close, (even though Jamie doesn't much like that type of music), exemplifies what I love so much about their relationship.

  38. Possibly my very favorite character in the Demons Lexicon universe, Alan's mother, is not in the books at all, although she is mentioned.

    In the very first story I read by SBR I fell in love with Marie Walsh, a girl who was in many ways perfectly ordinary but also extraordinary in her perception and ability to appreciate life. She was one of Olivia's few friends when they were teenagers, partly because she was not afraid of Olivia's magic. She became one of those characters who seem so real they haunt you long after you finish reading.