Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/31/19)

Wow, this is wild: Who Gets to Be the Next Poet Laureate of New Hampshire?

Here’s to Lizzo: Patron Saint of Radical Self-Love and Badass Flute Solos

A question for conservatives: what if the left was right on race?

Hahaha: Thank You for Calling the Writer Envy Helpline

Marvellous monsters

Morning Coffee (7/31/19)

"We are in great danger": In Amazon, indigenous Waiapi chief is killed by illegal miners

No More Family Separations, Except These 900

Trump’s Cynical War on American Citizenship

States Rush to Make Voting Systems More Secure as New Threats Emerge

Hardly Any Rape Cases Lead to Charges in England and Wales: Report

Study: Malaria Drugs Are Failing At An 'Alarming' Rate In Southeast Asia

Scientists want to make it a war crime to damage the environment in a conflict

America’s dual housing crisis and what Democrats plan to do about it, explained

The World Is Getting a Pickup-Truck Emoji Because the other emoji weren't manly enough!!

Michael Jaffee, Who Co-Founded Early-Music Group, Dies at 81

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/30/19)

The Border Patrol Hits a Breaking Point

The Battle Over a Telescope on Hawaii's Sacred Mountain Is Just Beginning

House plants: the new bloom economy

What Leonardo da Vinci Couldn’t Finish

In Some Crime Novels, London Is More Than a Setting - It's a Character

Morning Coffee (7/30/19)

Julián Castro Introduces Major Platform For Indigenous Peoples

The battle over extending the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, explained

Trump administration to reject generous Medicaid expansion funding for Utah

'Unprecedented': more than 100 Arctic wildfires burn in worst ever season

SIGH: Neil deGrasse Tyson was accused of sexual misconduct by 4 women. He’s keeping all his jobs.

‘It snuck up on us’: Scientists stunned by ‘city-killer’ asteroid that just missed Earth

I haven't read him yet, somehow, but I know it's a huge loss to the genre: Andrea Camilleri, Author of Inspector Montalbano Novels, Dies at 93

Lion Bones Are Profitable for Breeders, and Poachers

UGH: The Dalai Lama Still Thinks a Woman Successor Would Need to Be Hot

Mystery of Chedworth's 1,800-year-old Roman glass shard solved

Monday, July 29, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/29/19)

Madam President? Five Candidates on What It Will Take to Shatter the Most Stubborn Glass Ceiling

‘Rainfall has rocketed’: the remote weathermen charting the climate crisis

First they burn the books. Then they kill people. History has shown us this repeatedly.

Could This Be the End of Frankincense?

Our Most Anticipated Contemporary YAs of 2019: July to December

Morning Coffee (7/29/19)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

Trump says Daniel Coats, director of national intelligence, to step down

‘I Have a Moral Responsibility to Come Forward’: Colonel Accuses Top Military Nominee of Assault

A controversial deal between US and Guatemala could reshape the asylum process

In Congo, a New Plan to Fight Ebola Follows a Government Power Struggle

RT fined £200,000 for breaching impartiality rules

Moody’s Buys Climate Data Firm, Signaling New Scrutiny of Climate Risks

Sen. Chris Murphy announces new book on violence and guns

Your Data Were ‘Anonymized’? These Scientists Can Still Identify You

Nasa fast-tracks habitation module for planned moon landing

A Shipwreck, 500 Years Old, Appears on the Baltic Seabed

Friday, July 26, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/26/19)

A Peculiarly Dutch Summer Rite: Children Let Loose in the Night Woods

Honestly, this sold me, I'm going to try it: The Best Classical Music Streaming Service Is Idagio

Five Women Who Made the Moon Landing Possible

Peru celebrates Inca sun festival: Inti Raymi – in pictures

This is so neat: An Interactive Map of Odysseus’ 10-Year Journey in Homer’s Odyssey

Morning Coffee (7/26/19)

Ooh! Megan Rapinoe Scores Again, but This Time It’s a Book Deal

This Harriet Tubman movie looks great.

Awesome: Lesbian couple kicks butt & makes history as Wimbledon doubles partners

Kayaker finds rare Roman glass and pottery off Kent coast

What. Summer’s Hottest Ice Cream Cone Topping Is a Tiny Ice Cream Cone

In other ice cream news: Ice Cream Truck Owner’s New Rule: Instagram Influencers Pay Double

I love this: The Queen reveals her favourite snack for bringing people together

I DO. Fug Nation Loves Cute, Small, Practical Bags!

Also, I hate summer but I enjoy beach bags.

How to Stretch That Last Bit of Maple Syrup

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/25/19)

This story!! The Most Gullible Man in Cambridge

Spies, harassment, death threats: The Catholic Church in Nicaragua says it’s being targeted by the government

Neil Armstrong’s Death, and a Stormy, Secret $6 Million Settlement

The Hidden Cost of GoFundMe Health Care

A New Red Scare Is Reshaping Washington

Morning Coffee (7/25/19)

Phew: Federal judge in California halts Trump’s latest asylum ban

Mueller’s testimony, and what it means for President Trump, explained

Boris Johnson: new PM takes his revenge and sacks over half the cabinet

Sudan army chief among senior officers arrested in coup plot

Good: Ricardo Rosselló, Puerto Rico’s Governor, Resigns After Protests

Trump vetoes Congress’s attempt to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Transgender people in North Carolina just won a victory against HB2 in court

Ha: Less ado: Boris Johnson's Shakespeare book delayed for 'foreseeable future'

Edith Irby Jones, Barrier-Breaking Doctor in the South, Dies at 91

More Than 50 Lakes Found Under Greenland Ice Sheet

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/24/19)

This is long but really worth your time: How America Got to ‘Zero Tolerance’ on Immigration: The Inside Story

Stop Demanding People of Color to Show ‘Gratitude’

How the moon landing shaped early video games

The first Iranian newspaper: Mirza Salih Shirazi’s Kaghaz-i akhbar

What It Is To Wake Up

Morning Coffee (7/24/19)

As Adam Serwer wrote, the cruelty is the point: Trump administration proposed rule would cut 3 million people from food stamps

Human rights groups lead chorus of alarm over new Trump administration commission

Of course: Trump sues House panel, NY to protect state tax returns

Bill Wehrum, an Architect of E.P.A. Rollbacks, Faces New Ethics Inquiry

Behind the Scenes of the House Democrats’ Twitter War

“Likability” ratings in a recent New Hampshire poll show just how tough female candidates have it

Amy Wax, “national conservatism,” and the dark dream of a whiter America

FaceApp Is Everyone’s Problem

New Taylor song!!!

Mitchell Feigenbaum, Physicist, Dies at 74; He Made Sense of Chaos

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/23/19)

Can Emmanuel Macron Stem the Populist Tide?

What would alien life mean for Catholicism? The Vatican’s chief astronomer explains.

Chaucer’s Traces

Astronaut ice cream is a lie

Why Historians Are Reexamining the Case of the Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits

Morning Coffee (7/23/19)

Hard-Line Brexiteer Boris Johnson To Become Britain's New Prime Minister

Trump Administration Moves To Speed Up Deportations With Expedited Removal Expansion

The GOP’s Dangerous Cowardice

What The 2020 Candidates Need To Know About Sex Work Decriminalization

This is disgusting: Pennsylvania School District Warns Parents They Could Lose Kids Over Unpaid School Lunches

Chris Kraft, One Of The Architects Of The U.S. Space Program, Dies At 95

Climate crisis: extremely hot days could double in US, study shows

Aah, Star Trek: Picard trailer!

Excavation of Waterloo field hospital unearths limbs and musket balls

PERFECT: ‘The Hating Game’: ‘Pearson’ & ‘Suits’ Star Gina Torres Joins Lucy Hale & Robbie Amell In Rom-Com

Monday, July 22, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/22/19)

Why are the cats sexy? And other Cats questions you were too embarrassed to ask.

If Algae Clings to Snow on This Volcano, Can It Grow on Other Desolate Worlds?

The World’s Only Traditional Māori Garden Was Made From Memories

How Many Copies Did Famous Books Sell in the First Year?

Magical seals in an English Book of Hours

Morning Coffee (7/22/19)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

What Americans Do Now Will Define Us Forever

Puerto Rico’s week of massive protests, explained

Ocasio-Cortez calls for an independent investigation into child separation policies

Extradition and independence: What’s behind the continued protests in Hong Kong

Chinese Money in the U.S. Dries Up as Trade War Drags On

Elizabeth Warren’s latest Wall Street enemy: private equity

!!! New Kinks Music is Underway After More Than Two Decades Apart, Dave Davies Confirms

Into this: Natalie Portman will take up Thor’s hammer in Thor: Love and Thunder

What: Paul McCartney Has Been Secretly Writing an ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Musical

Picard's dog's name in 'Star Trek' spin-off is confirmed, and it's perfect

Friday, July 19, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/19/19)

Why 'Red, White & Royal Blue' Author Casey McQuiston Loves Making Birth Charts For Her Characters

This about the process of getting rights to all those songs was fascinating: How Can ‘Moulin Rouge! The Musical’ Upstage the Movie? With 70 Songs

Dear Internet: The Little Mermaid Also Happens to Be Queer Allegory

Van Gogh Painted Many ‘Sunflowers.’ But How Different Are They?

Why a Computer History Museum Owns a Legendary Teapot

Morning Coffee (7/19/19)

We made it to Friday! Time for happy links!

There are enough bad things in the world so I've decided I'm just going all in on the ridiculous fun of CATS. LOOK AT THIS TRAILER.

And the Vita & Virginia trailer looks genuinely good.

Aaah, I'm so excited for Rose Lerner's f/f Jewish Regency Jane Eyre!

Also excited for this book set in twelfth-century Wales.

ABOUT TIME: Margaret Paston, Woman of Letters, commemorated after six centuries

Oh good! Taika Waititi to Direct 'Thor 4'

New Hampshire Is First State to Install Highway Marker to Computer Programming

Beautiful: Exclusive: Her Universe Harry Potter collection debuting at SDCC


16 Fabulously Bookish Literary Scarves

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/18/19)

THE JOURNALISM WE'VE BEEN CALLING FOR: Sufjan Stevens and the Curious Case of the Missing 48 States

You’re Not Sticking To Sports When You Stick To Sports

A female historian wrote a book. Two male historians went on NPR to talk about it. They never mentioned her name. It’s Sarah Milov.

Genealogy Sites Have Helped Identify Suspects. Now They’ve Helped Convict One.

The Must-Read YA Anthologies of 2019

Morning Coffee (7/18/19)

House Holds Barr and Ross in Contempt Over Census Dispute

House votes to kill impeachment resolution against Trump, avoiding a direct vote on whether to oust the president

“Send her back!” Trump’s attacks on Ilhan Omar — and the response to them — represent a new low

Report: In attempt to separate family, border agent forced 3-year-old to choose between parents

This is horrifying: Migrants Inside ICE's Only Transgender Unit Decry Conditions

‘El Chapo’ Guzmán Sentenced to Life in Prison, Ending Notorious Criminal Career

Oxford University finally elects a woman as its Professor of Poetry

It sounds like MULTIPLE people behaved badly here, but I am horrifying by her behavior regardless of whether it's really why she got fired: Why Did a Progressive Pastor at an Important New York Church Get Fired?

What even: 'Gossip Girl' Update Lands Straight-to-Series Order at HBO Max

‘West Side Story’: Fox Releases First Look At Updated “Anita” From Reboot

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/17/19)

Worrisome, obviously, but fascinating: ‘We Cannot Save Everything’: A Historic Neighborhood Confronts Rising Seas

This is quite a saga: "I Did Not Die. I Did Not Go to Heaven."

Oh, wow, what bad science: The 5G Health Hazard That Isn’t

7 Unlikeable Women (Characters) You Should Get to Know This Summer

An Ancient Greek Philosopher Was Exiled for Claiming the Moon Was a Rock, Not a God

Morning Coffee (7/17/19)

A divided House votes for resolution condemning Trump’s racist remarks

I'm not surprised, but I'm sad: Eric Garner’s Death Will Not Lead to Federal Charges for N.Y.P.D. Officer

This is scary: Kellyanne Conway asked a Jewish reporter 'What's your ethnicity?' while defending Trump's racist tweets

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, Who Led Liberal Wing, Dies at 99

Six officials at nonprofit Southwest Key, which runs migrant child shelters, earned more than $1 million in 2017

Trump Admin Says Abortion ‘Gag Rule’ Effective Immediately

If the information in this story is correct, I'm glad she's out: Planned Parenthood Has Ousted Its President, Leana Wen, Amid A Dispute Over The Organization's Direction

Oh for the love of God: A second candidate for Mississippi governor says he won’t meet alone with women

Polio Cases Surge in Pakistan and Afghanistan

A Burning Lava Lake Concealed by a Volcano’s Glacial Ice

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/16/19)

India’s Shooting for the Moon, and the Country Is Pumped

A Universe of One’s Own

Inside an Amazon Warehouse, Robots’ Ways Rub Off on Humans

Queer History Uncovered: A Conversation with Matthew Riemer

This Archive Captures Centuries of British Crime, From Cheese Theft to Murder

Morning Coffee (7/16/19)

Trump Administration Implementing '3rd Country' Rule On Migrants Seeking Asylum

ICE Launches Raids Targeting Migrant Families

Vital, from Adam Serwer: Trump Tells America What Kind of Nationalist He Is

Trump says he’s not concerned about being racist because “many people agree” with him

Hundreds of leaked chat messages show Puerto Rico’s governor using vulgar antigay slurs repeatedly

American Federation of Teachers sues Betsy DeVos over public service loan forgiveness program

Good! Britain’s £50 Note Will Honor Computing Pioneer Alan Turing

Glacial melting in Antarctica may become irreversible

Fair Trade Helps Farmers, But Not Their Hired Workers

Found: The Original Home of England’s Doomed ‘9-Day Queen’

Monday, July 15, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/15/19)

"The United States women’s soccer team has become an excruciating example of a scenario we’ve seen play out for decades: Little girls are told to follow their dreams, and to excel, until they become women and expect be paid for it."

Julián Castro can’t speak Spanish. Here’s why that’s so authentic.

What the Measles Epidemic Really Says About America

International Nonbinary Day was... yesterday, oops, but here are some book recommendations for the occasion!

Why No One Can Agree on What George Washington Thought About the Relationship Between Church and State

Morning Coffee (7/15/19)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

Border Patrol Agents Are Passing Around A Commemorative Coin Mocking Care for Migrant Kids

This affects a lot of important research (including climate change) as well as the obvious education aspect: Political chaos roils Alaska as universities face devastating cuts

Uh, I'm pretty sure we've all read this book: Amazon, Microsoft wage war over the Pentagon’s ‘war cloud’

Agriculture Department suspends data collection for honeybees after Trump budget cuts (WEIRDLY ENOUGH this came right after they got rid of a rule banning pesticides that hurt bees!)

Sanders and Warren voters have astonishingly little in common

WOW, this is awful: ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 Turmoil: Inside Andrea Arnold’s Loss of Creative Control

The Milky Way Has Battle Scars from Colliding With a Ghostly Galaxy

AWW: Paul McCartney Brings Ringo Starr to the Stage for End-of-Tour Surprise

Unesco Recognizes Heritage Sites, Ancient to Modern, Around the World

Good! Essex drops library closure plans following sustained public protests

Friday, July 12, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/12/19)

This is RIVETING: New Coke Didn’t Fail. It Was Murdered.

Whoa: An Eight-Second Film of 1915 New Orleans and the Mystery of Louis Armstrong’s Happiness

Mermaids Have Always Been Black

10 Black Princess Books to Celebrate Halle Bailey as Ariel

Jerome and the lion

Morning Coffee (7/12/19)

This was the longest week ever, wasn't it? Okay. We made it. FRIDAY HAPPY LINKS.

I don't know if I can take it: Veronica Mars First Look: Old Friends, Foes and an Ex Return for Hulu Revival

This sounds great! Alaska Native girl leads animated kids TV show in US first

Here's a VERY USEFUL infographic: So You Want to Watch Women's Soccer

Oh, this is gorgeous: The First Mulan Trailer Teases a Sweeping Warrior's Adventure

Dahlia Adler's editing a Shakespeare retelling anthology!!

Bear spotted taking in sunrise over Mount Washington

WHAT: Buckingham Palace Is Hosting a Leonardo da Vinci Escape Room All Summer

I love this headline: Cockatoo choreographs his own dance moves, researchers believe

And in other bird news: The Queen takes a morning stroll with a duck called Olive in Edinburgh

Mix and Match Fruits and Spreads for an Easy, Customizable Fruit Tart

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/11/19)

Central America’s choice: Pray for rain or migrate

‘Mother Is Not Going to Like This’: The 48 Hours That Almost Brought Down Trump

This post from Dahlia Adler is great even if the situation doesn't directly apply to you: Mid-Career Querying and Other Stuff We Don’t Talk About

The Woman Who Revealed the Missing Link Between Viruses and Cancer

The Personal Kit of a British Soldier at the Start of the Asia-Pacific War

Morning Coffee (7/11/19)

Of course: Gov. Sununu Issues 10 New Vetoes But! Buried in there is that he DID let the non-binary gender marker bill pass into law without his signature, so that's good news, NH!

And another of course: Trump labor secretary who cut Epstein deal plans to slash funds for sex trafficking victims

ICE Just Quietly Opened Three New Detention Centers, Flouting Congress’ Limits

Ilhan Omar calls Tucker Carlson a ‘racist fool’ after he describes her as a threat to U.S.

E. Jean Carroll Told Her Story Anyway

An Executive Order Can’t Fix Trump’s Census Problem

SIGH: Tom Steyer Will Run for President and Plans to Spend $100 Million on His Bid

Hahaha: Megan Rapinoe would beat Donald Trump in 2020 election according to new poll

The Future of Ebook Pricing

13-Year-Old Scientist's Research Shows Hand Dryers Can Hurt Kids' Ears

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/10/19)

ICYMI, here is the COMPLETELY BONKERS preschool story everyone is talking about: The Battle of Grace Church

Sandra Boynton is tweaking some of her beloved children’s books. But why mess with perfection?

The Goal Is To Feel Strong, Says 'Black Panther' Jewelry Designer

On the 18th-Century Origins of Celebrity Worship

Bless Us, O Instagram

Morning Coffee (7/10/19)

Migrant kids in overcrowded Arizona border station allege sex assault, retaliation from U.S. agents

Judge Rejects Justice Dept. Request to Change Lawyers on Census Case

"It was supposed to be an exclusive party at Mar-a-Lago, Donald J. Trump’s members-only club in Palm Beach, Fla. But other than the two dozen or so women flown in to provide the entertainment, the only guests were Mr. Trump and Jeffrey Epstein."

President Trump cannot block his critics on Twitter, federal appeals court rules

A new human rights commission sounds nice but don't be fooled: this administration is redefining human rights and probably who gets to be human.

And in gross local news: Sununu Auctions Copy Of His Paid Family Leave Veto At Republican Fundraiser

Warren Rising: Massachusetts Progressive Announces $19 Million Fundraising Haul

Ross Perot, Brash Texas Billionaire Who Ran for President, Dies at 89

Support for legal abortion matches its 24-year high: Poll

Everything in this article is great: In 2003, an 8-year-old Rose Lavelle dressed as Mia Hamm for a third-grade book project

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/9/19)

Exclusive Investigation: Sex, Drugs, Misogyny And Sleaze At The HQ Of Bumble’s Owner

Why the USWNT’s open queerness matters

Romance Novelists Write About Sex and Pleasure. On the Internet That Makes Them Targets for Abuse

DNA Begins to Unlock Secrets of the Ancient Philistines

A few days late but very interesting: An Ives Fourth

Morning Coffee (7/9/19)

Jeffrey Epstein: Seizure of Photos of Nude Girls Deepens Questions About Earlier Deal

Trump Lied to the Supreme Court, and Four Justices Don’t Care

Trump tweets “we will no longer deal” with UK ambassador after leaked cables

E. Jean Carroll and the ‘Hideosity Bar’

Please Stop Thinking This Will Be a Fair Election least it's one in, one out? Billionaire Tom Steyer May Enter the 2020 Field as Rep. Eric Swalwell Bows Out

Principal Who Tried to Stay ‘Politically Neutral’ About Holocaust Is Removed

Trump’s corruption is getting worse. He has a hidden enabler.

This is a thoughtful piece on health care policy and the questions we should be asking 2020 candidates: Abolish private insurance? It depends.

Mickey Kapp, Who Made Mixtapes for Astronauts, Dies at 88

Monday, July 8, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/8/19)

The Moon Sits for Its Portrait

Screw This Whole ‘My Girlfriend Isn’t Hungry’ Menu Trend

From LGBTQ Reads: New Releases: July 2019 So many things there sound good!

How stock photographers take a perfectly anonymous picture

Lost in Translation

Morning Coffee (7/8/19)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

DRC rebel chief 'the Terminator' convicted of war crimes

Greece Liked to Underestimate Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Now He’s Prime Minister.

Justice Dept. to Replace Lawyers in Census Citizenship Question Case

ICE Used Facial Recognition to Mine State Driver’s License Databases

A Crime by Any Name

US women’s soccer team wins its fourth World Cup

USA's formidable women's soccer team is no accident. It's a product of public policy

Elizabeth Warren Unveils Plan for Getting Women of Color Paid More Fairly

Women's Health Providers Say Impasse After Sununu's Budget Veto Will Hurt Patients

João Gilberto, Father of Bossa Nova, Dies at 88

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/3/19)

This is great: So the President F*cking Hates My Girlfriend

SO MANY BOOKS THAT SOUND GREAT: Our Most Anticipated LGBTQAP YAs of 2019: July to December

NASA Reopens Apollo Mission Control Room That Once Landed Men on Moon

The Meaning Changed, But DiGiorno’s Slogan Stays the Same

The Boyfriends of Giarre

Morning Coffee (7/3/19)

GOOD: Federal Court Blocks Trump Administration Policy of Arbitrarily Jailing Asylum-Seekers

DHS Inspector General Finds 'Dangerous Overcrowding' In Border Patrol Facilities

Border agents confiscated lawmakers’ phones. Joaquin Castro captured photo and video anyway.

Phew: 2020 Census Won’t Have Citizenship Question as Trump Administration Drops Effort

Woww: Navy SEAL Acquitted Of Murder After Witness Claims To Have Killed ISIS Captive

About time: House Files Lawsuit Seeking Disclosure of Trump Tax Returns

Kamala Harris Doesn’t Have to Believe in Joe Biden’s Innocence

Amazing: Suspicious substance mailed to 'Straight Pride' organizers turns out to be … glitter

Good for him: Adam Scott Calls Out Mitch McConnell’s Social Media Team for Using His Image on Twitter

Lee Iacocca, Visionary Automaker Who Led Both Ford and Chrysler, Is Dead at 94

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/2/19)

Why Are the Democrats’ Bad Men Refusing to Step Down?

No Drips, No Drops: A City Of 10 Million Is Running Out Of Water

“Everyone uses Ravelry”: why a popular knitting website’s anti-Trump stance is so significant

Interesting commentary on the industry here: Netflix canceled One Day at a Time. Then a traditional TV network resurrected it.

Australian Gothic Literature

Morning Coffee (7/2/19)

Inside the Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group Where Agents Joke About Migrant Deaths and Post Sexist Memes

Agents feared riots, armed themselves because of dire conditions at migrant facility, DHS report says

No thank you: Trump Says Tanks Will Be on Display in Washington for July 4

These people should all be ashamed of themselves. This is how evil regimes take hold. Alabamians Defend Arrest of Woman Whose Fetus Died in Shooting

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Transform American Elections

Good: Twitter Conspiracy Theorist Charged With a Felony in Lynch Threat Against Muslim Candidate

Oh no: Center for American Progress Puts ThinkProgress Up for Sale

This is the minimum any decent person should say, but given his position, it's still important and great that he said it: The Duke of Cambridge: ‘absolutely fine’ if children are LGBTQ

Eee, good winners! 2019 Locus Awards Winners

In Hawaii, Construction to Begin on Disputed Telescope Project

Monday, July 1, 2019

Afternoon Tea (7/1/19)

The Illiberal Right Throws a Tantrum

A Mystery Disease Is Killing Children, and Questions Linger About Lychees

Reader's Guide: Stonewall for Any Age

‘We’ve got five farmers’ – Cardiff Metropolitan University prepares for the Europa League

Noah's Ark and the Anglo-Saxons

Morning Coffee (7/1/19)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

Protesters are trying to storm the Hong Kong government headquarters as I write this - here's the Guardian liveblog.

The Treatment of Migrants Likely ‘Meets the Definition of a Mass Atrocity’

There will be Close the Camps protests tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon. Find one near you.

Bolton Keeps Trying to Goad Iran Into War

The Census Case Is Shaping Up to Be the Biggest Travesty Since Bush v. Gore

Elizabeth Warren & Julián Castro Refused To Battle Each Other In The Debate. It Paid Off.

Gross: 2,495 Reports of Police Bias. Not One Was Deemed Valid by the N.Y.P.D.

This is extremely worrisome: New Study Shows Decline in LGBTQ Acceptance Among Young Americans

Good: Melvil Dewey's name stripped from top librarian award

Groundbreaking astronomer Kepler 'may have practised alchemy'