Sunday, April 30, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/30/23)

Today is Sunday and somehow it's the last day of April?

Sudan crisis: Air strikes and fighting in Khartoum as truce collapses (BBC)

‘It’s hell’: vigilantes take to Haiti’s streets in bloody reprisals against gangs (The Guardian)

This was very brave! Son asked Montana governor to veto anti-trans bill. It didn’t work. (WaPo)

A Texas man fatally shot 5 neighbors after he was asked to stop firing in his yard (NPR)

Houston public schools have a diverse, nearly all-women school board. A state takeover would oust them from office. (The 19th*)

Deforestation Is Linked to Lower Rainfall, Study Says (Smithsonian)

Natural burials haven't been allowed at many New England cemeteries. Now, they're catching on (NHPR)

This is fun: Xander goes globe-trotting with HR in FOURTH country (MLB)

Electric school buses serve as mini power plants during the summer (WBUR)

New Support for Some Extinct Tasmanian Tiger Sightings (NYT)

And some longer reads:

‘We’ll show just how weak they are’: Ukraine primed for crucial offensive (The Guardian)

The Youngest Victims of Belgium’s African Rule Are Still Seeking Justice, Decades Later (Smithsonian)

The Once Unthinkable Revolution Coming to Figure Skating (Slate)

The Kylix Marvel: Why Experts Distrust the Story of an Ancient Cup’s Rebirth (NYT)

8 Novels Featuring Artificial Intelligence (CrimeReads)

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/29/23)

Today is Saturday!

Ukrainian journalist killed by Russian snipers in ambush near Kherson (The Guardian)

Phew: Conservative dissenters block abortion limits in Nebraska, South Carolina (WaPo)

Lawmakers are being silenced for speaking out against anti-trans bills (The 19th*)

In case you can't bring yourself to really care about what they're doing to queer and trans people: they're coming for no-fault divorce next. Far-Right Podcaster Steven Crowder Implies Ex-Wife Shouldn't Have Been Allowed to Divorce Him (Jezebel)

I see: Texas agriculture department's new dress code is based on 'biological gender' (NPR)

The first NH residents are enrolled in community power, despite bumps with Eversource (NHPR)

Ah: Magic 'Raid' Wasn't the First Time Wizards of the Coast Hired Pinkertons (Gizmodo)

Boston's SatanCon expected to be largest ever gathering of Satanists (WBUR)

Indigenous groups in the American West lived alongside horses by the early 1600s, study finds (PBS)

Plants, they're just like us: Plants Make Noises When Stressed, Study Finds (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Buildup resumed at suspected Chinese military site in UAE, leak says (WaPo)

Lorraine Hansberry’s family says Chicago’s racist policies seized their land. Now they’re seeking reparations. (The 19th*)

Google Devising Radical Search Changes to Beat Back A.I. Rivals (NYT)

Expertise vs. experience? MLB’s latest revolution is changing the face of coaching (Yahoo! Sports)

Alex Mar and Sarah Weinman Discuss True Crime and Criminal Justice Storytelling (CrimeReads)

Friday, April 28, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/28/23) - Friday Happy Links!

We made it to Friday, and after work I'm off to visit friends, whee!

Your feel-good story of the week: 'Phantom ballplayer' no more, Maggi a big leaguer after 13 years (MLB)

So excited for this! ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ Sets Summer Release Date for Queer Romance Adaptation (Collider)

And this! Hi. ‘Heartstopper’ Season 2 Premieres Aug. 3 (Netflix Tudum)

!! Quercus signs four books by Griffiths (The Bookseller)

Hercule Poirot Gets Horrified in Trailer for A Haunting in Venice (Tor)

This ends today, so go preorder quickly! Shopper's Delight: B&N Preorder Sale (LGBTQ Reads)

‘Doctor Who’ Goes Back to the ’60s in New Look at Ncuti Gatwa, Millie Gibson (Variety)

Ah I see she uses the Gerrit Cole method: This Elephant Taught Herself to Peel Bananas (NYT)

A Tortellini Salad With Garlic Scape Pesto Recipe That Captures the Excitement of Spring (Eater)

Lavish ancient Roman winery found at ruins of Villa of the Quintilii near Rome (The Guardian)

And some longer Friday reads:

This is extremely cute: White Sox’s Gavin Sheets, Jake Burger embracing a shared route to playing time (The Athletic)

The Culinary Cocktail Is Drunk on Nostalgia (Punch)

Earlier this week but still worth celebrating! Happy Lesbian Visibility Day 2023! (LGBTQ Reads)

Dangle Your Love for Books with These Bookish Keychains (Book Riot)

The 18 Scruffiest Detectives in Crime Film and TV (CrimeReads)

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/26/23)

Today is . . . Wednesday? Yeah! Wednesday.

Mastermind of Kabul airport massacre killed by Taliban, U.S. says (WaPo)

I know I keep saying this but this is genuinely terrifying. They are quite simply using instruments of the state to keep an elected representative from speaking because she is trans: Montana GOP doubles down after blocking trans lawmaker from speaking, citing decorum (NPR)

I see: Chief Justice Declines to Testify Before Congress Over Ethics Concerns (NYT)

Fears grow for Taiwan book publisher believed held in China (The Guardian)

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signs assault weapons ban HB 1240 (CBS News)

Good: Biden’s new executive order could expand access to child care and long-term care (The 19th*)

I'm shocked he didn't have some contractual way to keep himself tied to the FiveThirtyEight brand, tbh: Nate Silver Out at ABC News as Disney Layoffs Once Again Hit News Division (THR)

More electric vehicles are coming. But NH lawmakers are split on charging infrastructure study bill. (NHPR)

Can a Machine Know That We Know What It Knows? (NYT)

Archaeologists Discover 2,000 Mummified Ram Skulls in Temple of Ramses II (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Will Tucker Carlson Become Alex Jones? (The Atlantic)

12-year-olds can't buy cigarettes — but they can work in tobacco fields (NPR)

India Is Passing China in Population. Can Its Economy Ever Do the Same? (NYT)

And You Get Counted! And You Get Counted!: Oprah’s Book Club by the Numbers (Book Riot)

Fascinating: How Vertical Approach Angle, or VAA, is helping MLB pitchers understand and improve the shape of their fastballs (Yahoo! Sports)

Monday, April 24, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/24/23)

And now it's Monday again. Here's my weekly TV news roundup at The Televixen.

New Ukraine positions near Kherson could signal spring offensive – report (The Guardian)

New restrictions in Missouri would make gender-affirming care nearly impossible (The 19th*)

In an armed and tense nation, knocking on doors feels risky for workers (WaPo)

WOW, this is horrifying: Michael Schumacher: Magazine editor sacked over AI-generated 'interview' with seven-time F1 champion (BBC)

One of the objections here was simply that the book said kids with LGBTQIA+ parents should be welcome in school. Alabama governor ousts a top education official over a book's 'woke concepts' on race (NPR)

Related: NH Republicans continue push for 'parental bill of rights' (NHPR)

Cleaner Air Helps Everyone. It Helps Black Communities a Lot. (NYT)

Ancient DNA Confirms the Origin Story of the Swahili People (Smithsonian)

Ultramassive black hole discovered by UK astronomers (The Guardian)

9 Recently Published Graphic Novels About Politics and Identity (Book Riot)

And some longer reads:

Wagner Group surges in Africa as U.S. influence fades, leak reveals (WaPo)

After American’s Killing in Syria, F.B.I. Builds War Crimes Case Against Top Officials (NYT)

Sic(k) semper tyrannis? Dictatorship and emotions around 1800 (History of Emotions)

This is some great writing: The Toll Taken on Cody Bellinger (Baseball Prospectus)

Crime and the City: Cyprus (CrimeReads)

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Friday, April 21, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/21/23) - Friday Happy Links!

This was an extremely long week, but we made it to Friday! Let's have some happy links!

I just read this and it's SO GOOD: Exclusive Cover Reveal: For Never & Always by Helena Greer (LGBTQ Reads)

I appreciate that Damian Lewis is just all in on spies now: Damian Lewis & Alexander Cary Adapting More Ben Macintryre Books For TV After ‘A Spy Among Friends’ (Deadline)

Ahaha: Quiz: Who said it, Tom Holland the writer or Tom Holland the actor? (LitHub)

This is cute: O'Hoppe once threw a HR ball back at Yankee Stadium -- here's proof (MLB)

Kitchen Renovation Reveals 400-Year-Old Paintings in English Apartment (Smithsonian)

Outsiders Solve Problems. Just Ask Goats. (NYT)

Quiz: Pick Your Favorite Period Piece Films, Get a Historical Fiction Recommendation (Book Riot)

Scientists gain insights into Old Master artists’ use of egg in oil paintings (The Guardian)

Crime Novels Set Against the Backdrop of Reality TV Shows (CrimeReads)

Pickle Flavored Everything, Please (The Takeout)

And some longer Friday reads:

15 Amazing Upcoming YA Books With Queer Characters (BuzzFeed)

The Hottest Late-Night Party in Rome Is at the Bakery (Eater)

Crowds Roared, a Century Ago, on Opening Day for the Mighty House That Ruth Built (Smithsonian)

Meet the Maker: Jamieson & Smith, the Shetland Wool Brokers (Woolly Thistle)

Bookish Goods That You Don't Have to Worry About Fitting Your Body (Book Riot)

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/20/23)

Thursday! We're almost there!

Supreme Court extends freeze on changes to abortion pill access until Friday (NPR)

Air Force investigating intelligence unit at National Guard base on Cape Cod (WBUR)

Almost 80 die in Ramadan crush in Yemen's capital Sanaa (BBC)

Dildos not drones: Ukrainians hack Russian fighter’s account and buy $25k worth of sex toys (Politico EU)

Again, I cannot express how terrifying this is: So-called 'Don't Say Gay' rules expanded through 12th grade in Florida (ABC News)

Here’s when other countries have charged former leaders (PBS)

Good: Judge dismisses defamation suit against NHPR filed by New Hampshire drug recovery leader (NHPR)

China Publishes Data Showing Raccoon Dog DNA at Wuhan Market (NYT)

I agree that they need some kind of objective... something here. Max Scherzer denies using illegal substances after ejection from Mets-Dodgers game (Yahoo! Sports)

Are Floating Solar Panels the Future of Clean Energy Production? (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Sudan’s Generals Dined With Peace Negotiators, Then Started a War (NYT)

Fox was resigned to a tough trial. Then, a secret mediator stepped in. (WaPo)

Revealed: King Charles’s private fortune estimated at £1.8bn (The Guardian)

A rift, a fistfight, a walkout: Chris Smalls and the bad blood within the Amazon Labor Union (Business Insider)

Five SFF Books About Radical Community (Tor)

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/19/23)

I regret to inform you that somehow it is only Wednesday.

Ugh: Fox News settles blockbuster defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems (NPR)

Ukraine war: The Russian ships accused of North Sea sabotage (BBC)

African journalists are dying. They need the world’s help to hold power to account (The Guardian)

Now they want to send publishers to prison. (EveryLibrary)

Twitter made it easier to harass transgender users (The Verge)

Related: ‘It’s all about trolling’: how far-right influencers are shaping Republican narrative (The Guardian)

A new ruling could chip away at the Affordable Care Act. Most in the U.S. see health care as a basic right (PBS)

E.P.A. to Tighten Limits on Mercury and Other Pollutants From Power Plants (NYT)

Volcanic activity on Venus spotted in radar images, scientists say (NPR)

Archaeologists Find the Persian Gulf’s First Known Pearling Town (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Ughhh: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Soon to Announce White House Run, Sows Doubts About Vaccines (NYT)

Finland’s top political ally: The sauna (Politico EU)

LOGISTICS: What the Yankees’ uniform number crunch could cost MLB’s managers and coaches (The Athletic)

Behind ‘Oklahoma!’ Lies the Remarkable Story of a Gay Cherokee Playwright (Smithsonian)

10 Gothic Steampunk Books to Read by Candlelight (Book Riot)

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/18/23)


Finally: After days of outrage over the shooting of a Black teen, officials charge the gunman (NPR)

Ukraine war: Putin visits occupied Kherson region in Ukraine (BBC)

F.B.I. Arrests Two on Charges Tied to Chinese Police Outpost in New York (NYT)

SNP treasurer arrested in party funding investigation (The Guardian)

WGA Approves Strike Authorization With 97.9% Voting Yes (Variety)

Why mothers are part of the push to restore voting rights for people in prison (The 19th*)

Chile’s government pledged to put feminism into practice – has it delivered? (The Guardian)

Oumuamua Was a Comet After All, a Study Suggests (NYT)

Take a Virtual Tour of the ‘Doomsday’ Seed Vault (Smithsonian)

9 Recently Published Graphic Novels about Politics and Identity (Book Riot)

And some longer reads:

This Georgia county spent $1 million to avoid paying for one employee’s gender-affirming care (The 19th*)

This was a very alarming read for me personally as an anxious person who has to use eye drops a lot: Drug-Resistant Bacteria Tied to Eyedrops Can Spread Person to Person (NYT)

How COVID-19 changed cities — and how it didn’t (Politico EU)

‘It’s win-win’: how a dangerous sailing race could reveal the ocean’s secrets (The Guardian)

Clues to the Lives of North America’s First Inhabitants Are Hidden Underwater (Smithsonian)

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/16/23)

Today is Sunday and I have . . . a very long list of things to do.

Sudan's army and RSF are doing battle, leaving dozens of civilians dead (NPR)

Clarence Thomas Is as Free as Ever to Treat His Seat Like a Winning Lottery Ticket (NYT)

Atiq Ahmed: The brazen murder of an Indian mafia don-turned-politician (BBC)

Peru’s former presidential candidate sentenced for journalist’s murder (The Guardian)

That's great: Hundreds of 'NaloxBoxes' with free opioid reversal kits will soon be available across NH (NHPR)

In NH they get paid... extremely little. Only New Mexico lawmakers don't get paid for their time. That might change this year (NPR)

Here’s How Wildfires Can Destroy the Ozone Layer (Smithsonian)

Virginia Norwood, ‘Mother’ of Satellite Imaging Systems, Dies at 96 (NYT)

Kia ora e hoa: dozens of New Zealand and Māori words added to Oxford English Dictionary (The Guardian)

Asking the important questions: Must Every Craft Beer Come in a 16-Ounce Can? (Punch)

And some longer reads:

Billionaire Harlan Crow Bought Property From Clarence Thomas. The Justice Didn’t Disclose the Deal. (ProPublica)

Legal Abortions Fell by 6 Percent in the Six Months After Dobbs, New Data Shows (NYT)

The dream of wiping out polio might need a rethink (NPR)

Day care waitlists are so long, moms are quitting their jobs or choosing to stop having kids (The 19th*)

Espionage Book Recommendations from a Former CIA Spy (CrimeReads)

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/15/23)

Good morning! Today is Saturday and I'm very pleased with myself that I finished my taxes yesterday and don't have them hanging over my head going into the weekend.

Better than nothing? The Supreme Court temporarily restores full access to key abortion medication (WashPost)

Air National Guardsman arrested as suspected leaker of Pentagon documents (NPR)

Exclude trans people FROM LEGALLY EXISTING, to be clear. I know I keep saying things are terrifying but THINGS ARE TERRIFYING: Montana bill aimed at strictly defining sex would exclude transgender people (The 19th*)

Of course: Republicans in NH Senate reject plan to remove penalties from abortion ban (NHPR)

Can Nations Be Sued for Weak Climate Action? We’ll Soon Get an Answer. (NYT)

TikTok Is An Awful Source of Monkeypox Info, Study Finds (Gizmodo)

Good! BBC changes course on proposed cuts to English orchestras (The Guardian)

Ooh! Pitch Timer and Other Rule Violations Leaderboards Are Now Available! (Fangraphs)

Workers Stumble Upon Lost Courbet Painting in University Basement (Smithsonian)

All in the Family: On the Mesmerizing Subgenre of Familial Crimes (CrimeReads)

And some longer reads:

After Texas Ruling, Democratic States Move to Stockpile Abortion Pills (NYT)

SIGH: The Bud Light boycott, explained as much as is possible (Vox)

'Ghost villages' of the Himalayas foreshadow a changing India (NPR)

This was written during spring training but addresses a lot of the stuff I've been noticing in the beginning of the season: For MLB broadcasters, pitch clocks mean adjusting to a whole new ballgame (The Athletic)

Elissa Sloan and Jennifer Banash On Celebrity, Myth, and Fiction (CrimeReads)

Friday, April 14, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/14/23) - Friday Happy Links!

Yay, Friday! Time for some happy links!

Ooh, I need to look into their events: Queerlective aims to build a new kind of creative community in New Hampshire (NHPR)

!!! Please Please Us: Lost tape of Beatles school gig could be saved for the nation (The Guardian)

I love this book and I... think I can see this: Austin Butler Moves From Elvis To Crime Boss Danny Ryan In Sony 3000 Adaptation Of Don Winslow Novel ‘City On Fire’ (Deadline)

Fascinating: Introducing Spelling Bee Buddy: Your Personalized Daily Bee Helper (NYT)

Revealing The Death I Gave Him by Em X. Liu (Tor)

Ooh: Baseball Opening Day, and the Library Adds MLB History Online (Library of Congress)

Best Classic Novels to Read in Springtime: Our 2023 Picks (North Ave Candles)

Our Favorite Smash Cocktails (Punch)

Ai Weiwei Unveils Recreation of Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’ Made Entirely of Legos (Smithsonian)

If You Love Books, Play These Games (Book Riot)

And some longer Friday reads:

Elusive ‘Einstein’ Solves a Longstanding Math Problem (NYT)

International Colour Day: 15 of the world’s most stunning rainbow-coloured places (Wanderlust)

This is extremely cute: Inside the ‘Odd Couple’ friendship between the Flyers’ Travis Konecny and Travis Sanheim (The Athletic)

Preserving Bach's manuscripts (BL Music blog)

Bookish Spring Decor to Brighten Up Your Space (Book Riot)

Monday, April 10, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/10/23)

Monday again! Here's my weekly TV news roundup at The Televixen.

Local officials are poised to send expelled Tennessee lawmakers back to state House (NPR)

Democracy! Dice roll settles tie in small Wisconsin town election (BBC)

With bipartisan support, NH House passes bill to legalize and tax marijuana (NHPR)

Long Covid Patients More Likely to Have Gastrointestinal Problems, Study Finds (NYT)

Why asylum seekers are choosing Canada in record numbers (BBC)

NASA’s Moon Dust Problem Might Finally Have a Solution (Smithsonian)

Maine beaches that have escaped development can help us understand rising seas (Maine Public)

Men Out-Talk Women Almost Three to One in the Movies, Study Finds (THR)

New analysis of ancient human protein could unlock secrets of evolution (The Guardian)

Ancient Comb Made From Human Skull Unearthed in England (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Leaked Documents Suggest Ukrainian Air Defense Is in Peril if Not Reinforced (NYT)

As COVID protections end, patients classified as ‘medically needy’ fear new barriers to care (NH Bulletin)

Adventurer Elise Wortley Recreates the Journeys of Famous Female Explorers (Smithsonian)

Baffled by black holes? Confused by quantum theory? Explaining the universe one small step at a time (The Guardian)

How the Victorians Created the Modern English Novel (LitHub)

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/8/23)

Today is Saturday. I set up my new TV last night and it's amazing!!

Evan Gershkovich: Russia charges US journalist with spying - reports (BBC)

Everything remains terrifying: Judge Invalidates F.D.A. Approval of the Abortion Pill Mifepristone (NYT)

The details here are honestly much less good than this headline makes it sound, but I guess it's something. Anti-trans sports bans would violate Title IX under proposed Education Department rule (The 19th*)

Good for them! In walkout, Nashua high school students take a stand against gun violence (NHPR)

Twitter labels NPR's account as 'state-affiliated media,' which is untrue (NPR)

The Fed’s Fight Against Inflation Could Cost Black Workers The Most (FiveThirtyEight)

Yay! Hillsboro's Gajownik makes history as first High-A woman manager (MLB)

Biden Designates Two New National Monuments (Smithsonian)

Oh wow: Children’s books publisher Peter Usborne dies at 85 (The Guardian)

Archaeologists Discover Wooden Spikes Described by Julius Caesar (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Not good!! Clarence Thomas and the Billionaire (ProPublica)

How Russia’s Offensive Ran Aground (NYT)

An Abandoned, Industrial Ruin Bursts With New Life in Delaware (Smithsonian)

For European dads in the NHL, raising kids in North America presents cultural cachet and conundrums (The Athletic)

Shop Talk: How Nita Prose Wrote a Bestseller in Shifts, Working at Dawn and Dusk (CrimeReads)

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/6/23)

Today is Thursday and I assume this week will end EVENTUALLY.

More on this below, but here's a summary: Cyberwarfare leaks show Russian army is adopting mindset of secret police (The Guardian)

Everything is extremely scary right now: The governors from Indiana and Idaho sign bans on gender-affirming care (NPR)

And: Kansas lawmakers override governor’s veto, enacting ban on transgender athletes (KCUR)

And: A N.C. lawmaker has switched parties, creating a path to stricter abortion laws (NPR)

Baltimore Catholic Clergy Abused Hundreds of Children and Teens, Attorney General Says (NYT)

Following national trend, workers at Starbucks in Rochester seek to form union (NHPR)

Tech executive Bob Lee, founder of Cash App, dead after apparent stabbing attack in San Francisco (CNN Business)

LOL: Shohei Ohtani makes more MLB history, becomes first player with pitcher & batter pitch timer violations (Sporting News)

From Miley Cyrus to boygenius, queer women in music are showing the power of collaboration (PinkNews)

Dried Lake Reveals New Statue on Easter Island (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Back to everything being scary: Tennessee House Poised to Expel 3 Democrats Over Gun Control Protest (NYT)

‘Vulkan files’ leak reveals Putin’s global and domestic cyberwarfare tactics (The Guardian)

This was written before he won, but it's some interesting background: How Brandon Johnson Broke Through to Chicago’s Mayoral Runoff (New Yorker)

A really interesting series: Fighting in hockey (The Athletic)

Sleeping with the Enemy: Alma Katsu's Reading List to Understand the Rise of the Oligarchs (CrimeReads)

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/5/23)

Wednesday. So, uh, lots of news, huh?

Donald Trump lashes out, resorting to old tactics after arraignment hearing (NPR)

Analysis: A Surprise Accusation Bolsters a Risky Case Against Trump (NYT)

This is great: Conservatives lose control of Wisconsin Supreme Court ahead of likely decision on abortion (The 19th*)

I haven't followed this closely but the teacher/union guy winning also seems good! Brandon Johnson will be Chicago’s next mayor (WBEZ)

Trans protesters in Washington, D.C. on why they marched for Trans Day of Visibility (Xtra)

Unhoused families living in NH hotels face deadlines to find new homes (NHPR)

Biggest patch of unprotected private land in Green Mountain National Forest to be preserved forever (Vermont Public)

Paging Lord Peter Wimsey: A peal appeal: bellringer shortage as King Charles’s coronation looms (The Guardian)

Frozen cells reveal a clue for a vaccine to block the deadly TB bug (NPR)

Amateur Fossil Hunter Discovers New Species of Giant Petrel in New Zealand (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

The Donald Trump Indictment, Annotated (NYT)

‘Moving unapologetically to the forefront’: How an archive is preserving the Black feminist movement (The 19th*)

Guide to minor league baseball’s first CBA: Everything you need to know (The Athletic)

The American Heiress Who Risked Everything to Resist the Nazis (Smithsonian)

10 Engrossing Books About Black Holes That Nothing, Not Even Your Attention, Can Escape (Book Riot)

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/2/23)

Today is Sunday and I'm going to learn to make macarons!

US tornadoes: Death toll grows as extreme storms ravage several states (BBC)

Finland begins voting in knife-edge election (The Guardian)

Judge rules Fox hosts' claims about Dominion were false, says trial can proceed (NPR)

Suspects indicted after druggings, robberies involving NYC gay bars (Gothamist)

Dartmouth identifies remains of 15 Native American individuals in its collections, promises repatriation (NHPR)

Ecosystem collapse ‘inevitable’ unless wildlife losses reversed (The Guardian)

Archery May Have Arrived in Europe Thousands of Years Earlier Than Thought (Smithsonian)

I'm... cautiously interested: THE X-FILES: Chris Carter Says Ryan Coogler is Developing a New Version with a ‘Diverse Cast’ (GMMR)

Clues to Bronze Age cranial surgery revealed in ancient bones (NPR)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Our Favorite Books (Tor)

And some longer reads:

Italy’s kidnapped children — a story of institutional violence (Politico)

Los Angeles schools allow students to carry Narcan after series of teen opioid overdoses  (The 19th*)

Pay-What-You-Can Farm Stands Feed Communities Against Tough Odds (Civil Eats)

Mina Miller Edison Was Much More Than the Wife of the ‘Wizard of Menlo Park’ (Smithsonian)

20 Folklore Books from Various United States Cultures (Book Riot)

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/1/23)

Today is Saturday, and two notes: 1. It's April Fool's Day, so stay safe out there. I will not knowingly include anything fake. 2. I have friends visiting so have barely read anything about Trump's indictment or other news stories the past few days, so apologies if things seem a little out of whack.

What happens after Trump's indictment? Here are some of the logistical considerations (NPR)

This is so awful: Storms Kill at Least 6 as Tornadoes Tear Through Midwest and South (NYT)

But this is good! Federal judge temporarily halts Tennessee's 'drag ban' law (NBC News)

I hope he's doing okay: Sen. John Fetterman discharged from Walter Reed after receiving treatment for depression (CNN)

Good for them: UNH Law students walk out over ‘transphobic’ messages by campus group (NHPR)

Progress!! MLB, minor leaguers reach first ever collective bargaining agreement; deal includes pay raises (Yahoo! Sports)

‘I can be an example’: After 107 years, a Latina will lead a national group of school principals (The 19th*)

How Widespread Are These Toxic Chemicals? They’re Everywhere. (NYT)

New England researchers optimistic a tiny wasp is turning the tide against emerald ash borer (NHPR)

Looted Gold Jewelry Returns to Cambodia (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Adam Serwer, always great: Woke Is Just Another Word for Liberal (The Atlantic)

The MAGA-fication of North Idaho College (NYT)

Pivot to … Something? The Blurry Future of Podcasting (THR)

The Big Coin Heist (Hazlitt)

12 Queer Road Trip Books To Adventure With (Autostraddle)