Thursday, April 13, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/13/23)

Today's Thursday! We're almost there!

New Leaked Documents Show Broad Infighting Among Russian Officials (NYT)

Russia is waging a disinformation war in the Middle East (Politico EU)

Appeals court temporarily keeps abortion pill available but limits access (WaPo)

Both Black Tennessee lawmakers have been reinstated after being expelled by GOP (NPR)

This is terrifying: Missouri GOP proposes a frighteningly efficient way to ban books (MSNBC)

As cities race to find housing, some call for more state homelessness funding (NH Bulletin)

Dartmouth Indigenous curator ‘shocked, not surprised’ with recent discovery of remains (NHPR)

Oh great: Less than six hours’ sleep cuts immune response to vaccines, data shows (The Guardian)

The Legacy of Mimi Sheraton, the Pioneering Critic Who Died at 97 (Eater)

Bumblebees Learn to Open Puzzle Boxes From Each Other (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Judge’s Ruling Against Abortion Pill Is Filled With Activists’ Language (NYT)

Kids at work: In New Hampshire and other states, officials try to ease child labor laws at behest of industry (NHPR)

A World Without Men (The Cut)

The African Diplomats Who Protested Segregation in the U.S. (Smithsonian)

How I Got My Job: From Nuclear Engineer to Cult-Favorite Seltzer Founder (Eater)

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