Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/4/23)

Today is Tuesday and I've already ordered a new TV and TV stand so surely I've accomplished enough for the day.

Live updates: Trump to surrender for arraignment today in New York City (NPR)

Nato's border with Russia doubles as Finland joins (BBC)

This was a few days ago, but cis people should all read it: On this Trans Day of Visibility, it’s okay to admit things are really bad (Xtra)

TikTok fined £12.7m for UK data protection law breaches (The Guardian)

This is... amazing: What’s This About Disney and King Charles III? (Slate)

Brokers Get Lush Trips and Cash Perks to Sell Costly Medigap Plans (NYT)

Scientists are flying into snowstorms to explore winter weather mysteries (NPR)

‘Norfolk’s Mary Rose’: remains of 17th-century shipwreck go on display (The Guardian)

Did Air Pollution Influence Famous Impressionist Painters? (Smithsonian)

Odessa: A City of Legends (CrimeReads)

And some longer reads:

Cotton Capital: How slavery changed The Guardian, Britain, and the world (The Guardian)

Facing floods: What the world can learn from Bangladesh's climate solutions (NPR)

Black Equestrians Want to Be Safe. But They Can’t Find Helmets. (NYT)

How an All-Black Female WWII Unit Saved Morale on the Battlefield (Smithsonian)

“Snow White” and the Seven Retellings (Tor)

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