Saturday, April 22, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/22/23)

Phew, we made it to Saturday. And it's my parents' anniversary! Happy anniversary!

Supreme Court Ensures, for Now, Broad Access to Abortion Pill (NYT)

Sudan fighting: Foreign nationals to be evacuated (BBC)

Swedish investigators: ‘Difficult’ to confirm who blew up Nord Stream (Politico EU)

Of course: In school funding lawsuit, Edelblut avoids defining ‘adequate education’ (NH Bulletin)

That's great: Polyamorous families now have legal protections in this Massachusetts city (The 19th*)

Major League Baseball has a sticky stuff enforcement problem (Yahoo! Sports)

This Is Ben & Jerry’s Moment to Prove Itself (The Takeout)

Donut painting pits bakery against town of Conway in free speech suit (NHPR)

Deep-sea mining for rare metals will destroy ecosystems, say scientists (The Guardian)

Rare Gold Coin Celebrating Julius Caesar’s Death Returned to Greece (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Russia Is Importing Western Weapons Technology, Bypassing Sanctions (NYT)

Report targets Anthem for $300 million in unpaid claims, weekslong delays (NH Bulletin)

Principal historian Turkiya Lowe is reshaping how the National Park Service tells the American story (The 19th*)

The Aspiring Cult Leader’s Missing Art and the Nephew Obsessed With His Legacy (NYT)

Happy National Poetry Month! (LGBTQ Reads)

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