Monday, April 17, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/17/23)

Back to Monday! Here's my TV news roundup for the week at The Televixen.

Sudan crisis: Shock and anger in Khartoum, a city not used to war (BBC)

Russia sentences opposition activist Vladimir Kara-Murza to 25 years in prison (NPR)

Taiwan warns local media against spreading false news from China (The Guardian)

Harlan Crow, Clarence Thomas’s Benefactor, Is Not Just Another Billionaire (NYT)

Good for them! Dartmouth graduate student workers vote to unionize (NHPR)

With massage parlors unlicensed, human trafficking is difficult to police (NH Bulletin)

North America’s First Hydrogen-Powered Train Will Debut This Summer (Smithsonian)

How a Senate aide and her guide dog made Capitol Hill more accessible for all (The 19th*)

Sex on the beach: pressures of extreme polygamy may be driving southern elephant seals to early death (The Guardian)

How Do Volcanic Smoke Rings Form? New Clues in the Vapor. (NYT)

And some longer reads:

Ukraine Goes Dark: Images From Space Drive Home the Nation’s Anguish (NYT)

Why Barney Frank Went to Work for Signature Bank (New Yorker)

On the front lines of NH’s overdose crisis with a life-saving van (NH Bulletin)

Auden's Dialectic (NYRB)

The ­­­­­­Nuclear War Scare of 1983, And The Pop Culture Soundtrack of Anxiety (CrimeReads)

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