Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (4/26/23)

Today is . . . Wednesday? Yeah! Wednesday.

Mastermind of Kabul airport massacre killed by Taliban, U.S. says (WaPo)

I know I keep saying this but this is genuinely terrifying. They are quite simply using instruments of the state to keep an elected representative from speaking because she is trans: Montana GOP doubles down after blocking trans lawmaker from speaking, citing decorum (NPR)

I see: Chief Justice Declines to Testify Before Congress Over Ethics Concerns (NYT)

Fears grow for Taiwan book publisher believed held in China (The Guardian)

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signs assault weapons ban HB 1240 (CBS News)

Good: Biden’s new executive order could expand access to child care and long-term care (The 19th*)

I'm shocked he didn't have some contractual way to keep himself tied to the FiveThirtyEight brand, tbh: Nate Silver Out at ABC News as Disney Layoffs Once Again Hit News Division (THR)

More electric vehicles are coming. But NH lawmakers are split on charging infrastructure study bill. (NHPR)

Can a Machine Know That We Know What It Knows? (NYT)

Archaeologists Discover 2,000 Mummified Ram Skulls in Temple of Ramses II (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Will Tucker Carlson Become Alex Jones? (The Atlantic)

12-year-olds can't buy cigarettes — but they can work in tobacco fields (NPR)

India Is Passing China in Population. Can Its Economy Ever Do the Same? (NYT)

And You Get Counted! And You Get Counted!: Oprah’s Book Club by the Numbers (Book Riot)

Fascinating: How Vertical Approach Angle, or VAA, is helping MLB pitchers understand and improve the shape of their fastballs (Yahoo! Sports)

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