Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Blogging, Part I

It's not actually raining here yet, but as you can see, I am all ready with anything I could possibly need. And, of course, I'm aggregating links, because that's what I do. But first: some of these are funny, but that doesn't mean I think you shouldn't take the storm seriously. I believe some of the panic is overblown, but by all means, do what you need to prepare, and if you're somewhere where you're supposed to evacuate, DO THAT. Don't be dumb.

Entertaining and/or informative liveblogs:
NYMag's Daily Intel
NY Times's The Lede
The Atlantic Wire

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Hurricane

The Ultimate Hurricane Survival Guide

In case you hadn't heard, the Republicans aren't so big on disaster relief right now.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Make Phone Calls During the Hurricane (unless you need to call 911!)

The 10 Stupidest Ways to Die in a Hurricane

The upside to a hurricane

Who will actually evacuate?

F-22 Jets Allowed to Fly Just to Escape Irene

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