Thursday, September 22, 2011

6 Reasons Why I Loved Revenge

Did you guys watch Revenge last night? What did you think? I was slightly surprised to discover that it's my favorite new fall show so far, and here are some slightly spoilery reasons why . . .

1. The cast. I love Emily van Camp, and she's the perfect leading lady here - strong with a hint of vulnerability, and beautiful without looking generic. Connor Paolo is a Gossip Girl favorite and I'm so glad to see him with a regular role, and the rest of the supporting cast is promising as well.

2. The setting. The Hamptons are pretty. Beaches! Big houses! Exciting interior decorating! Boats! It definitely adds something to the viewing experience.

3. The charming sociopath. Emily is casually but deliberately going around destroying people's lives, and I love that the show doesn't make a big deal of trying to sell her to us as sweet or good-hearted or anything but what she is. If they write this well, she could turn into one of the most fascinating, complex characters on TV.

4. The WASPs. I must admit that I love watching people be awful to each other while using really good manners.

5. The anger. Emily has gone through some tough stuff, and while most characters on TV would probably be emo and mopey and talk about their feelings all the time, she's basically just angry and homicidal. I'm not saying I endorse this, of course, but watching it can be awfully cathartic.

6. The boat. He named a yacht after his childhood crush, you guys. Aww.


  1. Excellent list! I totally agree - this show is fascinating. Although, it does make me a little nervous about ever going to the Hamptons, I'd sooooo never fit in...

  2. So, so, so agree. Especially about Emily's character.