Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free Agents, "What I Did for Work" - Darn It, This Show Is Improving.

Honestly, after last week, I was sort of hoping that I'd continue not liking Free Agents and be able to regain that space on my TV schedule. And then the ratings were bad, so I figured it would just be cancelled anyway and I wouldn't have to think about it. But now . . . the ratings are still bad, so I still think it will be cancelled - but now I don't want it to be, because I actually really liked the second episode!

The show made pretty much all the changes I wanted after the pilot! There's more focus on the part I liked - the two main characters interacting and being human and trying to figure stuff out - and less of the parts I hated, specifically the over-the-top, offensive coworkers. The boss character (played by Anthony Head) has been toned down enough to make him actually sometimes funny, rather than just a ridiculous caricature. And last night's episode started doing some interesting things with the way the two main female characters relate to men differently and - shockingly! - allowed for the idea that one wasn't necessarily better than the other. And now that they're getting over their need to make the office into some outrageous fantasy, they might be able to say some interesting things about the modern American workplace.

But, as I said, the numbers are awful, so don't get too attached.

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