Thursday, September 29, 2011

HIMYM, "Ducky Tie:" Unreliable Narrators

I am not particularly a Victoria fan, but I thought she made a great point this episode, and was utilized well to illustrate what I think this show does best, mother nonsense aside: showing unreliable narrators. More after the cut . . .

Throughout the episode, the show did its usual thing with narration that's unreliable but fairly harmless, as Robin and Ted told very different versions of what happened at the Architects' Ball. But then they turn it on its head as Victoria points out that something that all of the regulars have consistently portrayed as totally normal - Ted, Robin, and Barney all hanging out together every day - is actually really weird, and once she said it it was shockingly obvious. I hope that the show actually explores what that means, though since we know Robin can't be the mother, there's a certain lack of tension. Ah well.

Other favorite quotes:
"You make it sound like I've dated a series of Stieg Larsson novels." - Ted

"Oh. That reminds me there's this other restaurant we should try sometime. What they do is, they cook your meal in a little room called a kitchen." - Barney

"Victoria, do you believe in fate?" - Ted
"I believe you're about to give a big speech on fate." - Victoria

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  1. I'm glad that Victoria was back, because I always found most of Ted's other ex's to be actually kind of annoying... But I have to admit that I didn't agree with her statement that Ted, Robin, and Barney hanging out is weird. I'm wondering if perhaps this is a "lack of experience" thing on my own part, and that I'd understand if I'd been in a relationship...but from my point of view, Ted and Robin have been broken up for many years and haven't shown any remaining chemistry. Barney and Robin are obviously a different situation, but they're not what Victoria was referring to, and she doesn't know that part anyway. I don't know, I guess I just don't really understand that point, but maybe I will once they start exploring it more. I hope that Robin and/or Barney doesn't leave though; they're the most interesting characters!