Monday, March 5, 2012

Morning Coffee (3/5/12)

Happy Monday! Waking up at my parents' house on a weekday is weird, let me tell you. And also means I have a 3-4 hour commute ahead of me. Onward!

Because I've been traveling, I haven't had a chance to watch the GCB pilot yet (tonight!), but Alyssa Rosenberg's review is worth a read.

Her Majesty's new Diamond Jubilee portrait, um . . . kind of looks like an ad for Ringer.

Emmy Rossum as Ridley in Beautiful Creatures? PERFECT.

Cat Naps on Router; ISP Provides Decoy Router in Exchange for Cat Pictures

The Vanity Fair Oscar party photo booth always produces some great stuff, but the Revenge cast is particularly delightful. (And that is an SEO-friendly URL if I ever saw one.)

The AV Club has a characteristically hilarious write-up of the Game of Thrones video game news.

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  1. In the VF slideshow, that last pic of Tom & Katie is almost tender. Like they're actually in love. Or they're both really great actors. Huh.

    And NPH and his SO smooching - that is a heck of a schmoopy way to start a Monday! :) :) :)