Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Morning Coffee (3/6/12)

Good morning. I am unhappy with my cereal. I thought you'd want to know. Also, a lot of shows are off this week, so I've been catching up on Cougar Town, and boy, is it amazing. Ignore the title! It's really good! Give it a try!

A bunch of celebrities (including Matt Bomer) did a reading of the play 8 (about Proposition 8 and marriage equality) over the weekend. Head to Alyssa Rosenberg's blog to see what she has to say about it and watch it for yourself. (I haven't had a chance to watch yet, but am planning to do so ASAP.)

Freema Agyeman was cast in the CW's Sex and the City prequel, and I cannot settle on an opinion about this. More Freema on my TV! Yay! But will this show be awful? Probably. Will I watch it anyway? Yes. Does this mean bad things for either Law & Order: UK as a whole or her role on it? Unknown. Do I support the CW hiring real adults who can actually act? Absolutely. Will I watch the whole thing while screeching "Martha/Alesha, what are you doing?" Possibly. See? It's a complex issue.

In other Doctor Who-adjacent casting news that will interest many of you, John Barrowman has been cast in one of the starring roles on Gilded Lilys, an ABC pilot about a family running a luxury hotel in New York City in 1895. This pilot also stars Matt Lauria and may in fact be God's way of convincing me that He does actually exist.

Justified has been renewed for a fourth season, and the A.V. Club says it best:
Considering that Raylan Givens has only shot more and more people with each passing year, expect the next season to just be Olyphant making laconic wisecracks from atop a heap of pill-strewn corpses. Note to FX: We would still watch that.
So say we all.

Take a gander at the cover of Beautiful Redemption, the upcoming fourth book in the YA Southern Gothic series you should be reading.

And finally, two new (or at least new-to-me) Tumblrs for your amusement: The West Men, "the most Emmy-winning TV mashup blog of all time," and the inevitable Hey Girl, Matt Bomer edition.

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