Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Castle Review: Can we keep the hot British guy?

Brett Tucker guest starred as a Scotland Yard detective on Castle's "The Limey" last night, and he was pretty delightful, even if his accent was confusing. (The actor is Australian, and he was playing a working-class Londoner trying to fit in with Eton types, and it wound up as kind of a mess.) I don't want to keep him around for Beckett or anything. Just, you know, as set decoration.

ANYWAY. This episode, like the last one, was a little difficult to watch, but I basically think everyone should calm down. I'm seeing a surprising number of fans who think the past two episodes mean that Castle and Beckett will never get together, when in fact I'm pretty sure that the fact that the show is starting to deal with the issue at ALL instead of just ignoring it means we're closer than ever. Andrew Marlowe has said from the beginning that they will get together and that he has a plan, and I'm willing to trust him on that.

I agree that Castle and Beckett are both acting in extremely frustrating ways, but I think they're both acting in character, so it works for me. They aren't together, so Castle isn't betraying her or cheating on her or anything like that. He's trying to convince himself and everyone around him that he's fine, that he can go back to his old ways, that he doesn't need something deeper. He's protesting too much. And Beckett, well, she's lost so much. It makes sense that her fear of losing Castle is stronger than her hope that she could have more.

When a character speaks for the audience, it often seems contrived, but I thought Lanie's scenes were quite good and believable, and she's exactly the right person to give Beckett a push. And her speech reinforced my impression that the writers know they've almost run out of believable obstacles and audience goodwill. (I know most fans are much less patient with this sort of thing than I am.) Part of me would still be surprised if Castle and Beckett actually get together in the finale, but part of me is starting to almost believe it. Either way, there's enough actual progress happening - or movement, at least, if not exactly forward progress - to keep me believing in the show and the plan.

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  1. I agree--Beckett and Castle are both behaving as themselves. I love Lanie's speech and I love that she wasn't upset about the Javier situation (although I want them to get back together and double date with Castle and Beckett). Even though Lanie and Esposito's relationship before dating was not what Beckett and Castle's is, I think she made a good point that it's not the end of the world and there's even the possibility of being friends again (or at least friendly). Also that everyone has issues and you can't wait until everything is perfect to start a relationship. If anything, I think Castle reverting to his playboy behavior is kind of the spur Beckett needs to realize that she has to act soon. I trust Marlowe too!