Thursday, May 24, 2012

Morning Coffee (5/24/12)

Hey, it's my brother's birthday! Happy birthday, Dave!

I'm going to have to drastically limit the amount of Olympics coverage I let myself watch, because otherwise I will try to watch everything, and OMG there's so much. Also, a good point: "British people are going to see everything happen five hours before we do and then write about it on Facebook and ruin it for us."

Here's a good primer on the Euro Zone crisis.

I don't agree with all of GQ's new rules of TV, but they're definitely worth a read.

An important read for Community fans: The Hard Truths Behind Dan Harmon’s Community Ousting

Seamus Dever + guitar + puppies. You're welcome.

Hailee Steinfeld in Why We Broke Up? Works for me, I think.

Matthew McConaughey as JFK? John Cusack as Nixon? Alan Rickman as Reagan? Is this a real thing that is happening?

The evolution of Zooey Deschanel

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, just hanging out with Bill Clinton. Awesome.

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